I'm sure you've been out on a consultation and as you are assessing the project and client needs, a light bulb goes off and you think “This is going to be awesome. I should enter this in a contest because I bet it could win.”

Then you go home and work on the designs, sell the project, complete it and go on to the next one.

Then several weeks later, you see something on line that reminds you about the project and how you should enter it in the contest because, again, you're sure it's a winner. But you've got three more appointments to go on and you don't get to it.

Then you're back on line many moons later and see the results posted from the contest winners. You look at them and as you're reviewing them, you say to yourself, “My design is better. It could have won.”

Well, as the saying goes, “you gotta be in it to win it!”.

So how do you make that happen?

I've got your answer!!!

Join me on October 25th for a free, live session where you'll gain insights about:

-Why you should enter design competitions

-What goes in to creating designs that win award competitions

-What judges look for when reviewing entries

-What the benefits are of winning

-How to leverage your marketing if you win

In collaboration with KCD Software and award-winning designer/ACSP Board Member and Certified Storage Designer, Janet Stevenson from Closet City, we'll spend an hour or so sharing insights about just these kinds of things. 

So join us! Here's the link to register:


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