The Coolest Way to Lock CabinetsFresh off three days of divine design inspiration at NEOCON, (the largest architecture and design exposition and conference), I'm excited to share something that I think everyone of you will find both intriguing and helpful to your clients.

It's a new way to lock and unlock cabinets that doesn't require any metal or any keys.

It involves your smart phone. 

Keeler Products (a division of Belwith Products out of Grandville, Michigan) just debuted SecuRemote, the first locking system that works directly with smart phones. The groundbreaking system uses Bluetooth 4.0 and uses 128-bit encryption. The Keeler SecuRemote lock provides a complete locking and unlocking system in a single package.

The Coolest Way to Lock CabinetsSo you can now, via your smart phone, set your own parameters for when a cabinet locks and unlocks.

Using a proximity feature, paired with Bluetooth technology, cabinets will lock and unlock based upon permissions established with the Smartphone SecuRemote app,all while your smart phone remains in your pocket or purse. 

The technology allows you to set up authorized users, and even define the time and date parameters of when those users can get access. So, if left an important document in your locked file cabinet and need someone to get it for you, you can do all of that using this technology and your smart phone.

The team at Keeler unveiled the product during NeoCon with a live demo from their showroom space at The Merchandise Mart in Chicago during the show.

“We're very excited about this technology,” said owner John Veleris. “One of the items that is with us more than almost any other these days is our smart phones. Being able to lock and unlock things in your home from this device is not only incredibly convenient, but will become nearly indispensable as we continue to leverage this technology and power.”

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