Should you pay to advertise on Houzz - yay or nay?

It’s a popular question these days.

The answer to that question is revealed in this short video Q and A with myself and Richie DeMarco (The Mayor of Hardware)

Constructing Your Brand Episode 1

As two hard working pro’s in this industry, we’ve navigated many social media platforms and figured out some of the best ways to leverage brand and increase awareness. Our perspectives on the pro’s and con’s of paid advertising on Houzz are:


“Your paid advertising on Houzz should not be a stand alone effort like your clipper ads. Yes, the paid options with Houzz will allow you to show up higher in the rankings when people search for what you sell. However, if you haven’t completed your profile and added ideabooks and projects, it won’t be as effective. If your potential customer isn’t able to get a “real” sense of what your company is about from looking more in depth at your Houzz profile, they will quickly just jump to another profile.”


“It’s almost impossible to just write checks to get customers these days. Superbowl ads are fun, but now they aren’t just ads, they are ways to drive viewers to social sites that are interactive. If you don’t do that, your advertising is just shallow and likely short-lived.”

This major shift in marketing you EMPOWER you, not frustrate you. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime to level the playing field with what you consider much bigger competitors. It involves investing sweat to gain equity, but it’s one of the best investments you can make in your business.

Watch here to get more specific insights:



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