Is Good Design Worth the Price?If you're the leader of the free world, it seems to be.

Because one of the things that happens when you hold political office is that you have to fundraise.

And one of the ways you fundraise is to have events hosted for you where people write checks to support your cause.

Is Good Design Worth the Price?

Those events often take place in private homes. Homes that are well-designed.

I've witnessed the effects of this in Chicago when President Barack Obama visits for private fundraisers. Not because I've been invited or written a substantial check to the campaign, but because of the effect on traffic and parking.

So how am I connecting the two?

I'm connecting the two by saying that there's good (if not great) design in anything that's effective. Be it simple or complex. Traditional or contemporary. Conservative or liberal. Custom or mass produced. At all levels, much thought went into things. Much attention to detail and functionality.

And that holds true whether we're talking your home or something you use in your home. It can even include the execution of a successful campaign, be it political or business.

So in terms of well designed campaigns, team Obama has been worth the investment because the candidate won. Twice.

I'm not debating about his effectiveness as president. I'm observing the ties between great design and successful experiences and sharing them from my own personal filter.

Here are some pics and videos from street level:

Policemen don’t like the reporters - they get in the way of safety.

Is Good Design Worth the Price?

Secret service are an interesting breed. At least they are dressed well.

Is Good Design Worth the Price?

VIDEO: This might require a caption about “curbing my enthusiasm” - but it was just a fun, cool experience.

Obama in Chicago's Gold Coast

And if you’d like to learn how all of this translates specifically to your business, I’ll explain exactly that with my guest host, Richie DeMarco, in our social school.

Here’s a video that gives you some tips and shares info about the coaching course, which, of course, is VERY WELL DESIGNED:

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