Connect with the people who can refer business to you long term. For example - if you’re a kitchen designer or cabinetmaker, someone who sells high end real estate is in front of people who want your product on a daily basis.

Take the time to develop solid relationships with these people. Be a resource for them. Join their associations. Attend their meetings. Speak at their meetings. Go to their open houses and introduce yourself. Toss out some ideas “on spec.”

So if you’re going to spend $500 on Google ad words or SEO, I suggest you re-allocate those funds and target it to the top real estate professionals who sell in the neighborhoods where you want to work.

And do something very “ninja” and “organic” - drop off some beautifully packaged, totally gourmet muffins with a handwritten note and business card. Do things like this more than one time.

Put it on your calendar to do once every three weeks and after four or five times, call them and ask for an opportunity. You will have made such a great impression, they won’t be able to say no. It will feel like taking candy from a baby (or sweets from a real estate agent).​

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