Houzz It Going Designers?You’d have to be under a designer rock (or really big cabinet) to not be aware of the impact Houzz is having on the design and build industries.

Stats are through the roof in terms of eyeballs on the site and word on the street is businesses are getting clients via their participation on this powerful platform.

A quick tip that is an “up to the minute” Houzz addition is that you can actually create a website using this platform.

There are templates and lots of customization options and, best of all, Houzz pulls in all the photos and reviews and other info that you’ve already input on your profile and very simply incorporates them. There’s no programming or html required on your part.

That’s about the best reason to hop on over to Houzz right now and create a new ideabook or project. 

Houzz It Going Designers?What’s the difference between the two?

Ideabook: This is the place for “bigger concepts” like “How to Create a Dream Closet for Less Money” or “What’s Trending in Kitchen Design in 2014”. Topics here could be something the media would pick up or people would be able to learn and get ideas from.

Project: Very specific and something you’ve done. An example would be “George Clooney’s Closet Project” (I’m still dreaming of actually doing that one) or “Mr. Techno’s Home Office”. You gather the great photos from a specific project you’ve completed and put them here.

If you’d like to see examples to help you move forward, here’s a link to my profile on Houzz:

And if you’re ready for even more Houzz action, I’d like to invite you to join me for a free session where I’m sharing the latest Houzz feature. It’s a way to create a website for free. It will be a “quickie” where I’ll show some basics and then open it up for questions so I can help you move forward.

Register by clicking on the link below: