“Good design has a lot to do with function. Taking that function and making it beautiful,” says Joyce Hardison, Closet Designer Extraordinaire and co-owner of Closet Crafters in Ventura California.

I spoke with Joyce about her perspective on good design recently and gained some great insights into not only what she thinks constitutes good design, as well as insights into the processes she goes through as she judges the “Top Shelf Design Awards”.

Here are her thoughts:

Great Closet Design: An Expert's PerspectiveWhat Drives You Crazy?
“Seeing a high-end wood closet with no backing. It just looks unfinished. The other “design violations” that drive me crazy are hanging over drawers and not utilizing corners well. I hate to see designs that have hanging going into and coming out of a corner.” says Hardison.

“I also don't like seeing a design where the designer is basically just an order taker. They have listened to what the client requested and executed that without bringing any experience or insight into the project in order to improve the space solution.”

She went on to share a story of a recent experience where a client showed her a design from a large national company that had shoe shelving across the entire back wall of a closet. Once installed, access to about half of those shelves was going to be blocked by the hanging. But since most design software doesn't show clothing in the space, the client didn't realize that. It's one thing for a client not to realize that. It's totally different for the designer not to realize it, care about it or point it out the customer.

 What Goes Into Your Thought Process as You Review Contest Entries?
“First impressions are really important.” says Hardison. “How the space looks. How beautiful it is, whether it's simple or elaborate. It's like meeting people. The first thing you notice is their appearance. Then you get to know them. If both go together and are harmonious, it's a good thing.”

 “I also have to be able to really see the space. Yes, a description is very important in terms of determining any unique solutions or unusual space requirements, but getting a Plan View and being able to really assess what's going on is crucial. Before and After views are really important to me because it allows me to see if the design really works because there could be areas in the layout where something special had to handled. I need to know that.”

 She continues - “I want to have an “aha”. And what I mean by that is I want to be able to tell why you did what you did. The pictures should demonstrate that. It's like a puzzle and I want to see that you have fitted the pieces together so it works.”

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