Wood Cabinet To Metal Cabinet: We can do that for you!

Not many cabinet shops can say that.

So then what’s the story?

The story is that I know a shop that can, in fact, turn your wood creation into a metal creation.. And now so do you.

“Metal” is definitely trending right now -- whether it’s a metal look, a metal embellishment or a metal looking substrate, adding a “metallic” look to any project adds style and increases perceived value.

But incorporating it into projects can be complicated, especially if it’s not something you do on a regular basis.

Enter monster Mergatroid.

He’s been “metallized” as the shiney new mascot by the amazing team in Chicago led by Ted Schultz of Hylan Design for Great Lakes Metal Coating.

Great Lakes (and Mergatroid) is excited to the the only successfully certified applicator of the process of applying a real metal finish to virtually any substrate you want to metallize.

This unique metal coating process gives you the freedom to create an unparalleled patina finish that’s limited only by your imagination, so it can be as 3D as you want or need it to be.

The finishes can be applied on things like corbels, table legs, moldings and even full cabinetry. Even range hoods, which traditionally are very heavy and require at least two people to install. By building a range hood from a lighter weight material, you have a lot more flexibility in both your design and your installation.

In addition, this process can be applied to wood pieces that have “live” edges, so again, things can be dimensional as opposed to flat.

And Great Lakes Metal Coating brings their years of experience via Hylan Design to woodworking, engineering, CAD drawings, and construction engineering, so you’re working with experts when you take on this concept that’s new to you.

Some of the benefits of incorporating metal into your projects include:

- That this cold spray application will adhere to wood, concrete, plaster, hi-density foam and many more substrates

-Everything is quality engineered and built to spec

-That this process is more “green” than cast metal

-That you can give your projects the look, feel and perceived value of solid metal without the weight or expense.

Ted Schultz, President, Shalee Wilkins, In House Designer and Drafter, Luis Flores, Production Manager.

Some of the finish options available:

If you’re attending Neocon this year, you can see and touch these finishes live at the Great Lakes Metal Coating booth on the 8th floor (Booth 8-1119).

Ted and his team will be happy to answer any questions you might have - just call them at 312-243-7341. You can find additional images, applications and finishes at http://metall-fx.com/


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