Whether you’re making cabinets or making closets, you’re in the image business.

What you do - what you create - what you sell - is visually powerful.

How things look is as important as how they function.

And as Ellen DeGeneres’ interior designer Kathleen Clements said as she took furniture makers to task on the HGTV show Ellen’s Design Challenge, “Form and function. It sounds easy, but it’s not.”

So how can you make getting, sharing and using images easier?

Here are some suggestions:

-Use the right sizes. Do a quick Google search to see what size images work best on any social platform where you’re thinking of sharing, whether that’s Twitter, Facebook, Linked In or Houzz.

A great tool to use that will make that easier is a free site called Canva (https://www.canva.com/).

-Focus on one image at a time and feature that image. The more you can get into the space that less really is more, the more likely your information will be found and shared. No one shares long documents or an entire album of photos. People like short, sweet and easy. Remember - 140 characters goes a long way (that’s a Twitter joke!).

-Have some fun with your photos. Whether that’s taking project photos from tight angles or untraditional views, adding drama to your photography will also attract more attention (as most drama tends to do). For example,o beyond just the direct, straight shot and do a tight focus on one element.

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