Closet Designers, Woodworkers: Does Your Web Site Suck?Does Your Web Site Suck?

I'm not going to check, but if you're wondering, then odds are it's far from fabulous.

You're not alone.

Outdated web sites are common in the woodworking and design/build industries.

It's been a tough few years. You've likely gone from not having the financial resources to update your web site to, now, not having the time.

Well there's a new option for you. Check out this quick video to learn what you can do for FREE.

Closet Designers, Woodworkers: Does Your Web Site Suck?

It's so cool!

And if you need more info or have questions before you dive in, join me for a free session on Friday, March 28th. I'll go into more detail so you can get right in to action.

Even if the web site you have is fabulous, there's benefits to having this Houzz web site created. I can't wait to show you how and why.

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And if you'd like some additional insights on the analytics benefits of Houzz – you can sign up to watch an on demand recording at