If you're reading this, your work probably involves closets or cabinets.

You probably describe your business as something that involves consultations and designs and installation and building.

You utilize materials like melamine and wood, and maybe glass and granite.

But how much do you utilize your expertise?

Your answer is probably “all the time. How else do you think I get jobs?”

You “get jobs” because you position yourself as the low cost provider or the one who can turn it around in the quickest amount of time. You also position your length of time performing your job.

But are you really leveraging your expertise the way the business world requires you to do in 2013?

What do I mean by that? I mean are you embracing the idea that each and every one of you is your own media company.

If in your mind right now you said something like “ick” or “Denise, you're nuts," then I encourage you to take nine minutes and consider some insights that Richie DeMarco (The Mayor of Hardware) and I share in this Google Hangout that we recorded because whether you embrace it or not, you really are your own media company.


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