People want bigger closets.

I love that. Don’t you love that, too?

But with bigger closets come bigger design issues.

If you’ve got a large space (oftentimes the size of an entire room) then there are likely a lot more obstacles (like outlets and windows and even other closet doors). There are also a lot more questions to answer before getting to a good design. So these projects take more time and take more expertise.

And if you’re used to designing entire houses of reach in closets (with maybe one master walk in closet) and you’ve suddenly got a client standing in a 14’ x 20’ space saying “I want my closet to look like a boutique” - what do you do?

How do you maneuver through getting all of the information you need while guiding this clients expectations through the maze of possibilities?

And there are many, many possibilities in this maze and they can be very confusing. So working on a project like this is a key time to put on your “expert boots” and lead the way through the design elements and choices.

My first and most important piece of advice is to take charge. Be the expert. Go where no closet designer has gone before!

Seriously. Ask questions about clothing inventory. Ask questions about budget. Ask questions about style. And WRITE DOWN all the answers. Not only is this a powerful tool in developing trust, but it will serve you well on this lengthy design journey from open space to Boutique Closet Design.

I recommend starting a list of questions in something like Evernote so you can easily add to it as you think of things or work on other projects that spur the need for additional information. You’ll also have it with you (via your phone app) when you’re on an appointment like this.

Some of my personal favorites:

-Do we need a “trophy” space that shows off the best of your purse and shoe collections?

-What else will you be doing in this space besides getting dressed? Drinking beverages? Hangin’ with your besties? Checking email?

-Why are you taking on this project right now?

And my question for you - Would you like to learn more?

Would you like to increase your confidence and comfort level in dealing with a project of this magnitude?

Would you like to see ideas for ways you could use space in your own design plans?

Awesome, because I would love to share more of my design secrets. And I’m doing just that on April 9th in a live session. I’ll share not only the questions I ask in these kinds of assessments, but I’l be available to answer your specific questions.

I’ll also talk about money issues - how do you discuss a budget for a project like this? And how do you do that before putting pen to paper and fingers to keypad in your design software (because who wants to spend 7 hours designing a complicated space just so you can give someone a price that they gasp at?)

Click on this link to find out how you can participate in this secret revealing session:


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