For closet businesses, or any company, developing a solution for an unmet consumer need is a way to succeed.

In the case of The Boot Hanger, it was invented to provide for a personal unmet need, says Lindsay Sokolowski, an attorney with a passion for shoes. In 2007 she created, and patented, a way to store and organize her growing boot collection.

Sokoloski says a hunt for other ways to store and organize her growing boot collection turned up nothing she liked. Determined to create a better solution, she developed The Boot Hanger.

After friends and family kept asking to buy The Boot Hanger, Sokoloski incorporated Boottique, Inc. and launched

Closet Trending: The Boot HangerThe Boot Hanger provides space-efficient storage by hanging boots from clips. These are designed to save space by allowing boots to hang in a staggered pattern, cradling heel to arch, which doubles the room for storage.

The hanger clips are lined with a plastic and rubber blend that Sokoloski says will not damage, deteriorate, or leave permanent impressions on boots. The clip is set at a tension strong enough to hold heavy boots, but gentle enough to avoid leaving marks on suede.

Having identified an unaddressed consumer need, Boottique has grown and expanded product offerings to include additional organization products, boot accessories, and shoe care products.

Not a bad strategy for any home organization or closet business.

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