Source: "How Emerging Work Strategies Are Changing the Workplace"
Source: "How Emerging Work Strategies Are Changing the Workplace"

Study: Work Wins Over the Home for Office EnvironmentGiven the opportunity, I would love to work from my home rather than come to an office each day. It turns out, however, I’m in the minority.

According to “How Emerging Works Strategies are Changing the Workplace,” a new study by Steelcase in partnership with CoreNet Global, while 86 percent of companies offer work-alternative solutions for employees, nearly half of them reported that only a small percentage — 10 percent or less — take advantage of the opportunity. Not surprising then, just 3 percent said the majority of their employees take advantage of the alternative workplace strategies offered.

Study: Work Wins Over the Home for Office EnvironmentThe overwhelming reason given is for access to people (72 percent) and technology (40 percent). “Workers are coming to the workplace because they need spaces that enhance collaboration with teammates, who are often distributed around the world,” Steelcase President Jim Keane said in a statement. “They also need to be supported physically and cognitively, and to feel a sense of belonging and connection to the organization’s culture.”

While the results of this study bode well for those that manufacture office and corporate furniture, I think there’s still much to be said on the benefits of saving gas and working from home. What do you think?

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