I have to admit I was rather stunned last week to read in the Chico News & Review about a California audio and video storeowner bemoaning the fact that he had to quickly sell off products in his store because they were not in compliance with the CARB Rule that went into effect Jan. 1. According to the article, he claimed he was unaware of the law until he “found out about it through a third party less than a month before it took effect.”

Now, while I don’t live in California, I find it hard to believe that in no time since April 2007, when the California Air Resources Board approved the ATCM (airborne toxic control measure) to reduce formaldehyde emissions from composite wood product panels and from finished goods that contain these products, that the mainstream press did not report on this topic. I also find it difficult to fathom that, as a business owner, he could be so ignorant of state laws that directly impact his livelihood.

I have reported on this topic for a number of years, including the efforts undertaken by both manufacturers of composite panels and finished products in complying with the regulation. Therefore, you’ll have to forgive my lack of sympathy for his whining that after “liquidating” his inventory of speaker boxes, PA systems and furniture, finding products made from compliant panels "is difficult."

Difficult to believe, that is.

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