Statistics show nine out of ten US companies use financing to acquire their capital equipment and Susquehanna Commercial Finance, Inc. (SCF) has developed many products that make dealing with the company fast and easy. SCF evaluates the customer’s credit application immediately and makes a decision on the application typically with one business day (for requests less than $250,000). SCF’s lease agreement, for transactions under $50,000, is one-page and very user friendly so the customer can spend their time producing products and not caught up reading fine print. Whether in a city, county or state agency, SCF has special municipal financing terms. Most equipment suppliers need a down payment prior to delivering the customer’s equipment, so SCF offers prefunding arrangements if required so the buyer can maintain a positive cash flow.

Starting a new business is very challenging these days, as banks typically do not consider new business financing unless one puts up their home as collateral or secures the financing with 100% cash in their bank that they can not touch. One certainly does not want to tie up working capital by paying cash that could be much needed down the road. SCF offers new businesses equipment financing up to $50,000 (with a copy of last year’s tax returns) and if the customer’s request is under $35,000, all SCF needs is just its simple one-page credit application, with only the customer’s financed equipment as collateral.

SCF’s customers appreciate that they have the fl exibility to pay off their leases or loans any time after 12 months and the company discounts the remaining interest from the balance due. Not all lenders in the equipment financing industry offer this option, which means the customer may be required to pay the sum of the remaining payments to pay off early. With SCF’s early pay off, a customer can keep their working capital and better assess its cash flow down the road. The savings get even better as the government tax benefi ts, such as Revenue Code Section 179 – Depreciation Deduction, are passed on to the customer. More and more, SCF sees cash-preferred customers turn to financing to take advantage of these benefits.

About Susquehanna Commercial Finance

Flexible Programs Susquehanna Commercial Finance, Inc. (SCF) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc., a financial services holding company with assets of $18 billion. Through the strength of its parent, it can offer the security and resources of a large national financial institution but still provide the flexible programs and personal service of a small company. SCF has been providing leases and loan products to the woodworking industry for nearly 15 years. As a resource for equipment financing, the customer has the comfort of knowing their loan will not be sold to another lender and they can count on service after the sale.

Susquehanna’s team of dedicated woodworking specialists average more than 25 years of equipment financing experience. Whether it’s just a standard $1.00 buyout lease, commercial loan, or a creatively structured step up/deferred payment schedule, the company understands its customers’ different needs and tailors a customized financing program to their liking.


SCF can help a customer maintain working capital, receive government tax benefits, and let their new equipment generate income while in use and see and immediate return on investment. Contact John Marrazzo with SCF at 800-786-0004, ext. 32209

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