The Cabinet Makers Association, the organization for cabinetmakers and woodworkers, has launched the CMA Professional Certification Program — an educational and marketing tool that can help you and your business succeed in improving your competitive advantage. This special publication provides details of what CMA certification is, how it works, and provides direct links to learning more and getting started.

Why Cabinet Certification Is For YouWhile other wood industry certification programs verify or specify performance in blanket areas — design, technique, construction specifications, and the like — the CMA Professional Certification Program addresses the entire range of activities required for operating an ethical, sustainable and profitable small- to mid-sized custom woodworking or cabinet shop business. Its curriculum encompasses technical and business management areas of study, and also includes training in business ethics and in gaining understanding of that all-important factor: the client’s perspective.

Why Cabinet Certification Is For YouAcknowledging those who have spent many years operating or managing a custom wood shop, the CMA designed the program to recognize the proficiency gained through experience. Long-time woodworkers can earn certification simply by passing tests at each level. In other words, attendance at classes (both in-person and webbased versions are offered) is optional. If enrollees in the certification program can pass the tests, then they can earn their certification. You can get started now learning more about the CMA program, just by turning the page.

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