Laguna Tools is offering free, downloadable color portfolio featuring the latest in CNC woodworking technology is now on the company's website.

“CNC technology has revolutionized woodworking around the world,” said Catherine Helshoj, Vice President of Laguna Tools. “It drastically reduces material waste, eliminates costly errors, measurably increases shop productivity – and allows woodworking craftsmen to take their art to an entirely different level.”

A CNC machine can replace numerous other manual machines in one operation, utilizing shop space more efficiently and reducing labor costs, while still designed to be user friendly and useful for all skill levels. Laguna will also help the buyer select the best software for its application.

“Once professionals and hobbyists see the potential a CNC machine could make in their business – or craft – they typically either place an order on the spot or begin budgeting to purchase one,” says Helshoj. “We look forward to demonstrating for woodworkers the full potential that CNC equipment developed and designed in the U.S. will make in their business or hobby.”

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