Wood 100: Products by Category
Cabinetry for Kitchens & Other Rooms 49%
Architectural Woodworking & Millwork 32%
Commercial Casework 20%
Store Fixtures 9%
Closets & Home Organization 7%
Residential Furniture & Accessories NEC 7%
Casegoods & Components 4%
Office Furniture 4%
Due to companies manufacturing multiple items, total is more than 100%
Watch video from the Best of the WOOD 100 presentation at AWFS Vegas 2007.

Against odds such as an unpredictable economy and the rising costs of natural resources, the 2007 WOOD 100 companies are moving forward with larger facilities, more technologically advanced equipment, and the ingenuity and know-how to adapt and pull in great sales numbers.

For the third consecutive year, all of these top companies achieved double-digit growth for 2006, with one exception — No. 1 ranked Commercial Cabinet Solutions with 109.5%.

The median growth for the 2007 WOOD 100 companies was 34.0%, the second highest and only 5.3% less than last year. In fact, 76 of the companies posted sales growth of more than 20%.

The trend looks to continue. Of those surveyed, 78% of the executives say they expect to see double-digit growth for 2007, while 67% predict their profit margins to be higher or significantly higher than three years ago. Even more uplifting than that is the fact that 95 companies say they expect 2008 to be as good or better, with over half predicting it will be their “best year ever.”

With nearly three-fourths of the companies surveyed citing the economy as their top concern, this year’s crop of WOOD 100 is combatting potential slowdowns through: improved technology and manufacturing methods, new and diversified product developments, and increased marketing efforts, including taking on new projects or clients they may not have considered before.

For example, Texas-based Commercial Cabinet Solutions (No. 1) says it was fueled by the growing retail market and its demand for store fixtures and commercial cabinetry. Within three years of opening its doors, the company achieved 109.5% growth as a result of “believing in technology” and adding several new pieces of machinery, which has allowed it to increase its capabilities and output. (See story on page 40.)

In fact, increasing productivity ranked as the number-one reason for the higher profit margins by 29 of the companies, followed closely by customer service (23) and employee skills and dedication (17). (For a complete breakdown, see graph on page 35.)

More WOOD 100 Facts

• This year is the first appearance on the list for 41 companies. In contrast, Boyce Highlands (67) and St. Louis Closet Co. (83) have made 10 appearances on the list. Wisconsin Built (41) and Sieling and Jones (87) have appeared nine times and Top Drawer Components (93) has made eight appearances.

• There are 37 states represented in the 2007 WOOD 100; California leads the list with nine companies, followed by Missouri with seven, Arizona with six and Texas with five. There are three Canadian companies on the list.

• As in 2006, cabinets and architectural millwork continue to be the top markets for the WOOD 100 companies, followed closely by commercial casework.

• 47 of the WOOD 100 have plants under 20 employees. Of those, 20 of them recorded sales in 2006 of more than $1 million.



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