A listing of companies that occupy the #51-75 spots on the WOOD 100 list of the fastest growing wood product companies.

#76 - 100

76. Décor Cabinets

77. Collegedale LLC

78. Attica Lumber Co. Inc.

79. Veneer One Inc.

80. Ovation Cabinetry

81. Cabinet Components Inc.

82. AIS Inc.

83. Suncraft Shutters

84. Inter Ocean Cabinet Co.

85. Cabtec Mfg. Inc.

86. Contemporary Cabinets LLC

87. TME, S.A.

88. SpaceMan Home & Office

89. Perri Brothers & Assoc. Inc.

90. Superior Cabinets

91. Creative Laminates Inc.

92. Arched Casings Inc.

93. BenchMark Cabinets

94. Centorbi Custom Cabinetry Inc.

95. Valley Custom Door

96. California Woodworking Inc.

97. Drawer Box Associates

98. Wellborn Forest Products Inc.

99. Huntwood Industries

100. Trinity Crafted Doors Inc.

#1 - 25

#26 - 50

#51 - 75

 76.Décor Cabinets

Morden, MB

‘06: $30,303,000 ‘07: $34,098,000

Sales ‘07: 12.524% Projected ‘08: 12%

Est.: 1977 Employees: 350

Custom kitchen and bath cabinetry

To increase productivity in 2007, Décor Cabinets purchased a Komo CNC router, Packsize packager and a Busellato 130. “With the downturn in the U.S. housing market and the impact of foreign exchange, we have needed to increase productivity dramatically. We have initiated a number of efforts, including lean and Theory of Constraints principles to achieve these results,” says Dave Schellenberg, vice president of finance. Maintaining a positive outlook, the company is projecting double-digit growth for 2008.

 77.Collegedale LLC

Ooltewah, TN

‘06: $29,340,000 ‘07: $32,845,000

Sales ‘07: 11.946% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 1951 Employees: 102

Educational and institutional furniture

Chip Albright, company president, says Collegedale is always adding equipment, including new panel saws and edgebanders, to its production. Because of the company’s client base, schools and science labs, Collegedale is constantly selling green products. “As the interest in LEED has increased, especially with LEED for Schools being released and LEED for Labs coming soon, we are seeing more green products being specified,” says Albright. “Over 30 percent of our output is going on green projects, and the number is growing every day.”

 78.Attica Lumber Co. Inc.

Attica, NY

‘06: $2,655,000 ‘07: $2,961,000

Sales ‘07: 11.525% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1885 Employees: 20

Hardwood moulding, wood components, dovetailed drawer boxes

Through machinery purchased following IWF 2006, including a Mereen-Johnson 312 gang ripsaw, a Doucet gluewheel, a banding machine and J-MOS manufacturing software, Attica Lumber was able to greatly improve its productivity in 2007. “We have been able to increase our output, increase yields and do it more efficiently with all the new equipment,” says Attica Lumber Vice President Justin Papucci. “The entire layout of our facility was changed for better flow. Our lead times have shortened due to these changes and we have been able to take on more work.”

 79.Veneer One Inc.

Oceanside, NY

‘06: $4,944,000 ‘07: $5,448,000

Sales ‘07: 10.194% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 2000 Employees: 34

Custom architectural panels, doors and veneers

According to Victor Giaime, vice president and CEO, Veneer One grew 10 percent in 2007 due to increased productivity. A continuous increase in capacity, as well as efficiency, enabled new product development and faster lead times, Giaime adds. Machinery purchases in 2007 included a Rosenquist door press and a Rosenquist cold press line.

 80.Ovation Cabinetry

Salina, KS

‘06: $13,874,000 ‘07: $15,100,000

Sales ‘07: 8.837% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 1995 Employees: 69

Custom cabinetry

Making its eighth appearance in the WOOD 100, Ovation Cabinetry focused its efforts on improving efficiency and quality in every department. The company upgraded everything from sandpaper to finishing equipment to ensure the best possible machining of each part, says CEO Joseph Lorentz. Additionally, the company considered the safety features of the equipment it uses. “By improving what we do every day, Ovation keeps looking at ways to become a better company and that translates to loyal dealers and satisfied customers.”

 81.Cabinet Components Inc.

Bessemer, AL

‘06: $3,400,000 ‘07: $3,691,000

Sales ‘07: 8.559% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 2004 Employees: 50

Cabinet doors, custom mouldings, wood components

Cabinet Components Inc. relocated to a larger facility in 2007, increasing the available space by 50 percent. The company also added a Taylor clamp, OTB shape-sander, OTB foam inserter, a JLT miter door clamp and a new dust collection system. President Wayne Moore also cites customer service as having contributed the most to the overall success in 2007. “We have instilled a culture within our company to make every effort to meet or exceed our customer’s expectation and to be adaptable to the changing market conditions and customer requests for new products and special requirements,” says Moore.

 82.AIS Inc.

Hudson, MA

‘06: $67,864,000 ‘07: $73,391,000

Sales ‘07: 8.144% Projected ‘08: 35%

Est.: 1989 Employees: 300+

Commercial office furniture

Customer service was key in AIS Inc.’s recent sales success, according to COO Steve Savage. “AIS is continuously working on improving all facets of our business to keep customers very happy with AIS product, design and support,” says Savage. “It is our mission to deliver the highest quality product and level of customer service, at a value price, to all of our end-users.” AIS uses lean and sustainable manufacturing practices to make its feature-rich systems furniture.

 83.Suncraft Shutters

Santee, CA

‘06: $680,000 ‘07: $734,000

Sales ‘07: 7.941% Projected ‘08: 30%

Est.: 2000 Employees: 7

Custom wood shutters and mouldings

Owner Jeremy Bull says that customer service, especially consideration of its client’s customers, are what drove Suncraft’s recent sales success. “We cater to the needs of our hotel renovations by working around their occupancy,” Bull says. “We prefinish/pre-cut and assemble everything in our shop to save time on the job. We are in and out of the rooms, usually between check-in/check-out.” The company recently purchased a CNC router, and looks forward to sales growth again in the coming year.

  84.Inter Ocean Cabinet Co.

Elmhurst, IL

‘06: $6,315,000 ‘07: $6,811,000

Sales ‘07: 7.854% Projected ‘08: 11%

Est.: 1897 Employees: 44

Architectural woodwork, primarily commercial

Promoting customer service has aided Inter Ocean Cabinet Co. in achieving success in 2007. “We go out of our way to service our client’s needs on every job,” says Project Manager Chris Farrell. “We consider the general contractor a client and view all their projects as such. We do not turn them down or provide inadequate service on smaller projects. We are then rewarded when the large projects come around.” The 110-year-old company recently installed a second finishing booth, bought new SawStop table saws and invested more time and money into CNC training.

Things are cooking for Cabtec Mfg. (No. 85), which makes its third consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100. The company credits increased productivity, from its continuing focus on lean manufacturing, with driving the sales growth of its custom cabinets.


 85.Cabtec Mfg. Inc.

Regina, SK

‘06: $4,852,000 ‘07: $5,222,000

Sales ‘07: 7.626% Proj. ‘08: 15-20%

Est.: 1994 Employees: 60

Custom cabinets

Making its third consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100, Cabtec Mfg. Inc. credits increased productivity from its continuing focus on lean manufacturing, with driving sales growth in 2007, according to President Ken Kowalchuk. The company manufactures and installs custom cabinets and countertops for kitchens and bathrooms for residential homebuilders and multi-family project developers, and predicts increased sales in 2008.

 86.Contemporary Cabinets LLC

Sarasota, FL

‘06: $3,974,000 ‘07: $4,260,000

Sales ‘07: 7.197% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 2001 Employees: 28

Custom cabinets, closets and entertainment centers

“Our dedicated employees provide complete customer service, from design and product concept to installation and completion,” says Larry Hollander of Contemporary Cabinets, in explaining the factors of the sales success. The company purchased a Morbidelli Author 636S point-to-point machining center in the past year, as well as moved from a 15,000-square-foot facility to a 44,000-square-foot location. Contemporary Cabinets plans to increase its market share through increased advertising, expanding geographical presence and market position, in the upcoming year.

 87.TME, S.A.

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

‘06: $24,747,000 ‘07: $26,443,000

Sales ‘07: 6.853% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1988 Employees: 370

Kitchen countertop blanks and wooden cabinet doors

New product development in its countertop line has helped TME with its growth in sales over the past year. “We have come up with several new designs that have helped us create a different market segment for laminate tops,” says President Alfonso Obregon. “A premium segment with new, high-definition laminates and contemporary top designs.” The company’s recent equipment purchases include a Bütfering sander, Pistorius miter saws and spline nail assembly equipment, and Ballestrini mortise and tenon equipment.

Banking on the idea that everything has its space, custom closet and home organization manufacturer SpaceMan Home & Office (No. 88) opened a new showroom, which, along with its customer service, “offer an extraordinary customer experience,” says President David Linda.

 88.SpaceMan Home & Office

Houston, TX

‘06: $1,498,000 ‘07: $1,583,000

Sales ‘07: 5.674% Projected ‘08: 20%

Est.: 1999 Employees: 14

Custom closet, wallbeds, garage and home office storage cabinetry

For its first appearance in the WOOD 100, SpaceMan Home & Office credits its excellent customer service record with helping to drive sales. “We have dedicated a lot of time and effort to transition from a company that is good at building melamine boxes to one that is good at providing a top-flight customer experience,” says President David Linda. “We will continue our effort to offer an extraordinary customer experience, as well as control costs. It’s tough to compete against outstanding service.” The company recently acquired new office space and a new showroom to aid in achieving the sales increase it expects for 2008.

 89.Perri Brothers & Assoc. Inc.

Hialeah, FL

‘06: $307,000 ‘07: $324,000

Sales ‘07: 5.537% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 2000 Employees: 2

Custom cabinets

According to company President Michele Perri, Perri Brothers & Assoc. Inc. points to customer service as the major factor in its recent sales growth. The custom cabinet company plans to pay close attention to the economy, worker’s compensation costs and lumber/panel costs in the upcoming year.

 90.Superior Cabinets

Saskatoon, SK

‘06: $36,464,000 ‘07: $38,285,000

Sales ‘07: 4.994% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 1980 Employees: 303

Kitchen and bathroom cabinets and mantles

Marketing Manager Pam Graves credits employee skills and dedication for helping Superior Cabinets improve its sales, and make its fourth appearance in the WOOD 100. “Our dedicated employees produce beautiful cabinetry,” she says. “We have many long-term employees that take great pride in their work.” In addition to kitchen and bath cabinets, the company also manufactures wall units and fireplace mantles, and is anticipating an increase in sales for 2008.

Creative Laminates (No. 91) is raising the bar on custom architectural casework projects by consistently delivering complete and on time.


 91.Creative Laminates Inc.

La Crosse, WI

‘06: $3,132,000 ‘07: $3,276,000

Sales ‘07: 4.600% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 1992 Employees: 23

Custom architectural laminate casework

Creative Laminates Inc. manufactures custom architectural laminate casework for regional customers in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois. Jody Lyon, vice president, says the company keeps customers happy by delivering complete and on-time. Creative Laminates has expanded its offerings to some existing customers and is also exploring a new market niche. The past year saw the company upgrade its computers, as well as install a new Brandt edgebander.

 92.Arched Casings Inc.

Plain City, OH

‘06: $765,000 ‘07: $800,000

Sales ‘07: 4.575% Projected ‘08: 2-5%

Est.: 1996 Employees: 10

Architectural and curved wood products

Jerry Whitmer, president and owner of Arched Casings Inc., says an expansion that began in 2005 has enabled the “green” company to market itself more aggressively and increase its business. “We feel like we can handle being a $1.5 million in sales size of company. We will keep on marketing and satisfying our customers and see if we can keep the company growing.”

 93.BenchMark Cabinets

Fredericktown, OH

‘06: $2,350,000 ‘07: $2,430,000

Sales ‘07: 3.404% Projected ‘08: 5%

Est.: 1993 Employees: 30

Kitchen cabinets, vanities and bookcases

Company Owner Wesley Crum says that customer service, “above and beyond what they expect,” plus on-time deliveries, is what drove BenchMark Cabinets’ sales success in 2007. He says he expects moderate growth again in 2008.

 94.Centorbi Custom Cabinetry Inc.

St. Charles, MO

‘06: $1,335,000 ‘07: $1,380,000

Sales ‘07: 3.371% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 1995 Employees: 12

Custom kitchen and bath cabinetry

Last year, Centorbi put a focus on lean manufacturing to reorganize the shop and become more efficient. The company’s efforts paid off in increased productivity and an increase in sales. “By implementing the lean process, we have been able to increase production times by almost 40%,” says Derek Centorbi, president. “We have focused on reducing non-value added time and introducing one-piece flow to the manufacturing process.”

 95.Valley Custom Door

De Pere, WI

‘06: $7,243,000 ‘07: $7,461,000

Sales ‘07: 3.010% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1960 Employees: 300

Custom cabinet doors and dovetail drawer boxes

Steve Mashl, owner of Valley Custom Door, says his employees “all work towards the same goal of taking care of the customer, and exceed their customers’ expectations with a quality product and ability to ship this product on time.” The company, which is making its second consecutive appearance on the WOOD 100, purchased a variety of machinery in 2007, including miter equipment, sanding equipment, haunching machines and shapers.

 96.California Woodworking Inc.

Oxnard, CA

‘06: $2,883,000 ‘07: $2,930,000

Sales ‘07: 1.630% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1990 Employees: 30

Custom cabinetry

The 2007 purchases of a nested-based router, material handling equipment and Microvellum software helped California Woodworking increase productivity, improve quality and earn its spot on the WOOD 100. Luke Vickery, vice president, says the “use of automated equipment has decreased the number of mistakes made, while the use of material handling equipment has lessened the amount of damaged components and handling labor typically performed.”

  97.Drawer Box Associates

Griffin, GA

‘06: $1,805,000 ‘07: $1,833,000

Sales ‘07: 1.551% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1999 Employees: 28

Dovetail drawer boxes

During 2007, Drawer Box Associates moved into a new building, as well as purchased a Holzma HPP-11 panel saw, a Cameron Automation QuickChop optimizing system, a Northtech planer/sander and a new spray booth. All of these things helped the company increase productivity, which Owner Kelvin Clements says was the main factor in the company’s growth last year, along with lean manufacturing.

 98.Wellborn Forest Products Inc.

Alexander City, AL

‘06: $48,743,000 ‘07: $49,381,000

Sales ‘07: 1.309% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1987 Employees: 280

Semi-custom cabinetry

“Wellborn Forest continues to grow and expand its customer base due to innovative door styles and colors, as well as numerous semi-custom modifications,” says Blake Harmon, senior vice president of sales and marketing. Last year, Wellborn Forest Products added to its existing product line, releasing 14 new stain or paint and glaze options, in addition to eight new door styles. New cabinet accessories were also added to boost sales figures.

 99.Huntwood Industries

Liberty Lake, WA

‘06: $90,096,000 ‘07: $90,891,000

Sales ‘07: 0.882% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1988 Employees: 600

Framed and frameless cabinetry

An expanded marketing campaign enabled Huntwood Industries to increase its sales slightly over 2006 figures. “We are aggressively marketing our products to a greater distribution area to mitigate reduced production in mature markets,” explains Chris Stookey, director of marketing. This year marks the company’s fifth appearance on the WOOD 100 Report.

 100.Trinity Crafted Doors Inc.

Wheatland, OK

‘06: $246,000 ‘07: $248,000

Sales ‘07: 0.813% Projected ‘08: 30%

Est.: 2000 Employees: 3

Cabinet doors

Company President and Owner Roger Phipps Sr. says that exceptional customer service drove Trinity Crafted Doors’ sales growth in 2007, and that the company has an excellent outlook on sales for 2008 and 2009. “We offer customer service 24/7,” Phipps says.

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