A listing of companies that occupy the #26-50 spots on the WOOD 100 list of fastest growing wood product companies.


26. Ancom Custom Cabinets

27. SilverWalker Inc.

28. Everything Closets Inc.

29. Giffin Interior & Fixture Inc.

30. Pacific Crest Industries

31. Pollaro Custom Furniture Inc.

32. JLE Mfg. Inc.

33. Danielson Designs Ltd.

34. Mill-Rite Woodworking Co. Inc.

35. MasterBuilt Cabinets

36. Gillpatrick Woodworks Inc.

37. John Murphy Millworks LLC

38. Holly Springs Architectural Millwork & Mfg. LLC

39. Camio Custom Cabinetry

40. True 32 Custom Cabinetry

41. AMSL: Architectural

42. Action Wood Technologies Inc.

43. Innovative Installations Inc.

44. A Ward Design

45. OGB Architectural Millwork

46. Anton Cabinetry

47. Foggy Bottom Woodworks LLC

48. Eaglecraft Door Inc.

49. The Closet Guy Inc.

50. Lilienthal Cabinet Inc.


#51 - 75

#76 - 100

 26.Ancom Custom Cabinets

Harvard, MA

‘06: $320,000 ‘07: $469,000

Sales ‘07: 46.563% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1998 Employees: 2

Custom high-end residential cabinetry and millwork

For Ancom Custom Cabinets, new product development was key in a successful 2007. “We started producing more inset face-frame cabinetry, which opened the door to a few new customers that had not considered using us in the past,” says owner Andrew Kalafatis. The company, making its third WOOD 100 appearance, spent money on upgrading smaller shop tools, software and enlarging its spray booth and finishing area over the past year. Kalafatis says the company is always trying to improve, as well as make sure it provides excellent support before, and after, the sale.

Studying the issue, Ancom Custom Cabinets (No. 26) upgraded its equipment and developed new product offerings, including inset face-frame cabinetry, which opened the door to new customers.


 27.SilverWalker Inc.

Richmond, CA

‘06: $485,000 ‘07: $706,000

Sales ‘07: 45.567% Projected ‘08: 100%

Est.: 2000 Employees: 13

Custom green kitchen & bath cabinetry

Company President William Walker says that increased interest in green products is what drove SilverWalker Inc.’s sales growth in 2007. “For us, green is not an option, it’s the standard,” he says. The company’s case products are all FSC-certified and its materials custom ordered. SilverWalker also was able to purchase new sanding and door making equipment, a CNC horizontal drill machine and curing equipment for its finish room spray booth over the past year.

 28.Everything Closets Inc.

Niles, IL

‘06: $524,000 ‘07: $759,000

Sales ‘07: 44.847% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 2002 Employees: 7

Shelving for closets, pantries, home offices and garages

Success for WOOD 100 first-timer Everything Closets Inc. came from a focus on customer service, according to President Lonny Goldberg. “This company was built with one customer at a time,” Goldberg says. “Every job must meet our strict guidelines, ensuring the customer receives the best possible experience with our company. Referrals are solid leads and are earned.” To further make itself more competitive, the company built a custom 1,000-square-foot showroom to display its products and purchased a third company van.

 29.Giffin Interior & Fixture Inc.

Bridgeville, PA

‘06: $9,241,000 ‘07: $13,247,000

Sales ‘07: 43.350% Projected ‘08: 30%

Est.: 1980 Employees: 140

Custom architectural woodwork

For its seventh appearance in the WOOD 100, Giffin Interior & Fixture Inc. credits its excellent customer service record with helping to drive sales. “Happy customers pay their bills and become repeat customers,” says Gordon Giffin, president. To aid in its growth, the company recently purchased: a Homag KAL700 edgebander, a Ligmatech ZHR-01 return conveyer, Q-Systems conveyers, a Weima ECO II shredder, a Felins stretch wrap bander, a Weeke Venture 5M machining center, a Weeke ABD-100 dowel inserter and miscellaneous software upgrades.

 30.Pacific Crest Industries

Sumner, WA

‘06: $18,180,000 ‘07: $25,200,000

Sales ‘07: 38.614% Projected ‘08: 30%

Est.: 1990 Employees: 185

Kitchen cabinets

Plant Manager Casey Bell credits new product development for driving Pacific Crest Industries’ sales success in 2007. “We have many urban/Euro offerings,” he says. “The market for these types of looks in the upper-end has still been very strong for us.” Purchases of two Doucet return conveyers, a Heeseman widebelt veneer sander, a Holzma HPP81 beam saw, a Voorwood A115 shaper/sander, a Joos hot press and a SawStop table saw are expected to aid in the frameless cabinet company’s growth for 2008.

 31.Pollaro Custom Furniture Inc.

Union, NJ

‘06: $2,507,000 ‘07: $3,451,000

Sales ‘07: 37.655% Projected ‘08: 25%

Est.: 1988 Employees: 18

Custom furniture and antique reproductions

Making its fourth appearance in as many years among the WOOD 100, Pollaro Custom Furniture manufactures museum quality custom furniture and antique reproductions. Frank Pollaro, CEO, says it is the skills and dedication of the company’s employees that have kept it growing. “Our employees are constantly improving their efficiencies and skills,” Pollaro says. “They share information readily with each other, which makes the whole team stronger.”

 32. JLE Mfg. Inc.

Apache Junction, AZ

‘06: $3,760,000 ‘07: $5,164,000

Sales ‘07: 37.340% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1998 Employees: 37

Architectural woodwork and casework

Another three-peat on the WOOD 100 report, JLE Mfg. moved into a new facility, upgraded its computer systems and finishing department, and purchased equipment such as a biesse Selco saw, a Levia sander, a Torit dust collector and Kaeser compressors. Despite all of that, James Englebrecht, president, says it is customer service that was the main factor in his company growing 37 percent from 2006 to 2007. “We continue to work very hard at servicing our core group of clients,” says Englebrecht. “We have a long history of repeat business with each of them, and by working as a team with them, will continue to provide them with excellent products at a solid price.”

 33. Danielson Designs Ltd.

Trinidad, CO

‘06: $5,964,000 ‘07: $8,144,000

Sales ‘07: 36.553% Projected ‘08: 36%

Est.: 1992 Employees: 90

Gift and home décor products

New product development contributed to Danielson Designs’ success in 2007. This four-time WOOD 100 company supplies home décor and gift products, including decorative plaques and photo frames, to about 6,000 retailers around the nation. “To keep from vendor ‘churn’ — or the continuous search for new vendors offering new products — we offer very aggressive product development coupled with customer service and order fulfillment that is above the industry norm.”

Showcasing its talents, Mill-Rite Woodworking Co. (No. 34), an AWI Premium Certified manufacturer, credits its sixth WOOD 100 appearance to increased productivity and aggressive marketing.

 34.Mill-Rite Woodworking Co. Inc.

Pinellas Park, FL

‘06: $8,368,000 ‘07: $11,400,000

Sales ‘07: 36.233% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1986 Employees: 65

Architectural woodwork

Mill-Rite, an AWI Premium Certified manufacturer and installer of custom made, fine finished architectural woodwork, is making its sixth appearance on the WOOD 100 report. Increased productivity helped the company achieve 36% growth in 2007. “There is no doubt that the skills and dedication of the employees and installation sub-contractors have fueled the increase in productivity that is evident by our greater dollar volume,” remarks Harry Rodenhizer, business development manager, who also credits increased and aggressive marketing in 2005 and 2006 for the company’s growth.

 35.MasterBuilt Cabinets

Hodgenville, KY

‘06: $1,861,000 ‘07: $2,514,000

Sales ‘07: 35.089% Projected ‘08: 10%

Est.: 1988 Employees: 31

Custom cabinetry

A two-time WOOD 100 company, MasterBuilt Cabinets manufactures custom kitchen, bath and entertainment cabinets. In 2007 the company purchased a straight-line ripsaw and 24-in. planer, both from Northtech, which helped it improve its quality control and productivity. “The newer machinery has eliminated a lot of hand sanding and has produced a better quality and more consistent finish,” says Mike Mouser, owner.

 36.Gillpatrick Woodworks Inc.

Louisburg, KS

‘06: $1,058,000 ‘07: $1,426,000

Sales ‘07: 34.782% Projected ‘08: 75%

Est.: 2003 Employees: 27

High-end residential cabinetry and commercial architectural millwork

Gillpatrick Woodworks Inc., which makes its second consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100, provides “design-build” services, including factory finishing and installation. Increased productivity, aided by a new Hoffmann double miter saw-router combination and headed face-frame system, contributed to the growth of the business in its sales dollars, as well as profit margins. “While our sales grew, more importantly our profit margins did not suffer because of the growth. Our commitment to providing a quality product to our customers provides us with a steady stream of sales, even in a tough economy,” says President, Bob Gillpatrick.

There is no bending on the issue of quality for John Murphy Millworks (No. 37). The company was able to improve its productivity, and quality, on its cabinets through the purchase of new equipment.

 37.John Murphy Millworks LLC

Erie, CO

‘06: $1,598,000 ‘07: $2,116,000

Sales ‘07: 32.416% Projected ‘08: 18%

Est.: 2004 Employees: 19

High-end custom cabinetry

John Murphy Millworks makes its first appearance on the WOOD 100 this year. In addition to custom cabinetry, the company manufactures cabinets for commercial property, such as schools, businesses and restaurants. The purchase of a new Biesse edgebander and wide belt sander have helped the company improve quality, which was a large factor in its growth from 2006 to 2007. “We strive to improve quality on a daily basis,” says Rose Murphy, manager.

 38.Holly Springs Architectural Millwork & Mfg. LLC

Holly Springs, MS

‘06: $1,188,000 ‘07: $1,569,000

Sales ‘07: 32.071% Projected ‘08: 15%

Est.: 1997 Employees: 15

Custom architectural millwork and cabinetry

Holly Springs Architectural Millwork makes its second consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100, continuing its growth trend to increase sales 32 percent from 2006 to 2007. Through the purchase of a Kentwood moulder and Brandt edgebander, combined with a CNC router purchased in 2006, the company was able to increase its productivity. “With the purchase of our first CNC router in 2006 and an upgraded edgebander and moulder, we are able to meet tighter deadlines for our customers,” explains Loy Smitherman, product engineer.

Camio Custom Cabinetry’s (No. 39) range of products grew with the addition of new door options. Aggressive bidding and marketing has also spurred sales for the frameless cabinetmaker.

 39. Camio Custom Cabinetry

Weymouth, MA

‘06: $963,000 ‘07: $1,263,000

Sales ‘07: 31.153% Projected ‘08: 15%

Est.: 1946 Employees: 10

Custom frameless cabinetry

Camio Custom Cabinetry makes its second appearance on the WOOD 100 Report. The company’s product range includes custom frameless cabinetry and commercial casework, with a variety of door options. The company has taken a few steps to boost its sales from 2006 to 2007. “In our residential cabinetry product line we have pushed to excel in offering items our customers are looking for. We also have increased our ability to service our dealers by adding more sales representation to areas outside New England. Our commercial product line has improved due to an increase in our estimating department’s ability to bid on jobs and be more aggressive in reacting to customers’ needs,” says Chris Constantino, vice president of business operations.

 40. True 32 Custom Cabinetry

Cape Girardeau, MO

‘06: $416,000 ‘07: $544,000

Sales ‘07: 30.077% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 1999 Employees: 3

High-end residential cabinetry and millwork

Another three-peat to the WOOD 100, True 32 Owner Jim Schuette says his company is able to do the difficult jobs that others will not. “While we are extremely custom, our strength comes in part because every project must be defined by our operating and manufacturing system,” says Schuette. “This allows us to be productive with the routine so we have time for the difficult items that do not fit the system.” Schuette credits the skills and dedication of his employees with having the biggest impact on the company’s growth in 2007.

 41.AMSL: Architectural

Millwork of St. Louis

St. Louis, MO

‘06: $2,854,000 ‘07: $3,708,000

Sales ‘07: 29.923% Projected ‘08: 24%

Est.: 1988 Employees: 35

Architectural millwork and casework

AMSL, making a three-peat appearance, manufactures products such as cabinetry, doors and windows, laminate casework, commercial displays and fixtures, wall panel products, furniture and mouldings, as well as providing services such as design, installation and project management. According to the company, quality control improvements helped push growth in 2007. “Quality control improvements increase customer satisfaction and decreases the costs associated with rework,” says Karen Duree, CCO. “This helps build our reputation and gain more work in the future.” The company also recently purchased new equipment that includes a Kentwood M609X six-head moulder, a Wadkin Visage Extra profile knife grinder, an Altendorf WA8 sliding table saw, a Ritter Crouch edge sander and a Dantherm NFK dust collector.

 42.Action Wood Technologies Inc.

Clinton Township, MI

‘06: $2,911,000 ‘07: $3,730,000

Sales ‘07: 28.135% Projected ‘08: 40%

Est.: 1984 Employees: 30

Wood-based containers and

packaging products

For its third appearance in the WOOD 100, Action Wood Technologies Inc. credits its new product development with helping to achieve sales growth. “We are continually working to develop new products for our customers to satisfy their packaging and containerization needs,” says Lisa Palazzolo, office manager. The company has purchased a TigerStop saw, an automatic stretch wrapper and new tooling to increase productivity, and expects to also see a 40 percent sales increase in 2008.

  43.Innovative Installations Inc.

Stallings, NC

‘06: $513,000 ‘07: $656,000

Sales ‘07: 27.875% Projected ‘08: 15-20%

Est.: 1987 Employees: 8

Cabinetry, millwork and furnishings

Company President Chris Pollard says that customer service and dedicated employees helped drive Innovative Installations Inc.’s sales success in 2007. “We continue to strive for success through exceeding expectations, attention to client relationships and delivering better product with better production lead times,” says Pollard. “Our philosophy has been to bring out the leadership of each employee, building them through focused vision and strategies to get there.” Since 2007, the company has purchased panel processing, lumber processing, moulding and shaping equipment, as well as finishing systems, air assist pumps and mixers and made upgrades to the ventilation system.

President Kevin Ward of A Ward Design (No. 44) credits employees’ skills and dedication for the company’s success. “If our customer can imagine it, we design it and build it,” he says.

 44.A Ward Design

Winter Haven, FL

‘06: $462,000 ‘07: $588,000

Sales ‘07: 27.273% Projected ‘08: 45%

Est.: 2001 Employees: 8

Frameless custom cabinetry

President Kevin Ward credits employee skills and dedication for helping A Ward Design improve its sales in 2007. “Throughout the year, we have added a few new members to our staff,” he says. “The new members have enhanced our master craftsman with their unique skills.” The purchase of a Weeke CNC router and Microvellum and Ardis software have also advanced the company’s production level. In regards to its custom cabinetry, Ward says, “If our customer can imagine it, we can design it and build it.”

 45.OGB Architectural Millwork

Albuquerque, NM

‘06: $8,136,000 ‘07: $10,262,000

Sales ‘07: 26.131% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 2000 Employees: 98

Custom architectural woodwork

Making its second consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100, OGB Architectural Millwork President Rick Thaler says that investing heavily in employee training at all levels has yielded substantial return in increased efficiency and higher quality. The company recently expanded its plant and reconfigured its machine layout, as well as purchased new machines that include a Doucet return conveyer, a Homag edgebander with Ligmatech return conveyer, Weinig 4-head moulders, an SCMI 24-in. surface planer and a Midwest Automation indexing table.

 46.Anton Cabinetry

Arlington, TX

‘06: $9,039,000 ‘07: $11,375,000

Sales ‘07: 25.844% Projected ‘08: 35%

Est.: 1974 Employees: 105

Custom millwork

Employee skills and dedication are what President John Anton says have helped Anton Cabinetry achieve 26 percent growth in its sales for 2007. “Anton Cabinetry has had a great retention rate of its employees,” he says. “This gives us a talented core group who can train the expanding employee base.” Anton also credits the company’s nested-based CNC equipment, which he says has allowed it to provide intricate quality products that were not attainable in the past. The company’s recent equipment purchases include a Northwood NW 125 Iron Horse CNC machining center, a Homag edgebander and a Koch boring and doweling machine.

 47.Foggy Bottom Woodworks LLC

Muscoda, WI

‘06: $481,000 ‘07: $603,000

Sales ‘07: 25.364% Projected ‘08: 15%

Est.: 2001 Employees: 9

Kitchen & custom cabinetry, millwork and flooring

In addition to manufacturing custom cabinetry, millwork and flooring, Foggy Bottom Woodworks also does pre-finishing and builds hardwood and plywood parts for a chiropractic bed manufacturer. According to Owner Rick Tisdale, the company puts an emphasis on customer service and tries to provide many value-added features to help make installation easier for contractors. Foggy Bottom Woodworks plans to upgrade its infrastructure in 2008.

 48.Eaglecraft Door Inc.

Moultrie, GA

‘06: $659,000 ‘07: $821,000

Sales ‘07: 24.583% Projected ‘08: 15%

Est.: 2003 Employees: 12

Custom cabinet doors, drawer fronts and architectural panels

For its second consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100, Eaglecraft Door Inc. attributes new product development with helping to drive sales. “We have added to our product line in order to attract new customers and satisfy the needs of our loyal customers,” says Randy Lewis, president/owner. The company recently purchased a Timesavers sanding system, including a triple head widebelt sander and a double-head orbital sander; as well as additional shapers and custom tooling for new product designs. In order to make room for these acquisitions, the company also added more shop space in 2007.

 49.The Closet Guy Inc.

Beverly Hills, CA

‘06: $511,000 ‘07: $626,000

Sales ‘07: 22.505% Projected ‘08: 0%

Est.: 2002 Employees: 3

Custom closet and garage systems

Making its third consecutive appearance in the WOOD 100, The Closet Guy Inc. President Michael Mueller says that customer service has been an important factor in his company’s sales growth. “Our customer service is the best,” he says. “Deliveries are made on the day and time promised; 95 percent of all installations are completed within the specified times.” The company also has increased its advertising, which Mueller says gives it increased visibility and allows the consumer to find The Closet Guy easier and quicker.

 50.Lilienthal Cabinet Inc.

Grand Island, NE

‘06: $433,000 ‘07: $561,000

Sales ‘07: 21.561% Projected ‘08: 5%

Est.: 1978 Employees: 8

Custom cabinetry

Company President Dennis Lilienthal says that where his company excels is in taking on challenges. While the company purchased a variety of tools in 2007, including a vacuum system, edgebander, routers and hand tools, Lilienthal credits his employees’ dedication for the company’s growth. “The employees at my shop [care] about what they put out the door,” he says. “Also, they have a say in how things are organized and input into how tasks are performed.”

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