This month, Woodworking Network readers commented on retaining good workers, portable power tools, speedy cabinet production and more..

Workers Wanted

Brooks Gentleman’s column on recruiting and retaining good workers (“Worker Malaise: I Need Help!”) drew a range of comments.

Woodworking Network: Most Commented Articles November 2014

Millennials know that the American dream is out of reach for a $15 per hour worker. In our rush for increased productivity and to keep our prices in line with foreign competition, we have replaced the craftsmanship that a worker could take pride in with feeding the CNC. These Millennials see what the work ethic did to their parents when the factory they worked in was bought out by investors and closed.

- Fred, New England


My experience tells me that many employers don’t really care about their employees. They don’t trust them, they don’t empower them, they kill incentive, micromanage, don’t recognize achievement and don’t ask about their personal lives. It’s all about the bottom line. Why should they care about your business, if you don’t care about them? They know you can lay them off at any time, because that’s exactly what happened during the downturn.

- Jim, Georgia


You should ask your own employees what keeps new hires away, especially the younger
ones. I’m just guessing here but why is your daughter going to college instead of working
in your plant, learning the work ethic you yourself are bemoaning of? It’s because college is
pretty much a requirement for any future these days and taking a job in an industry where
pay was $15 an hour 30 years ago and still is today $15 an hour, is where minimum wage
used to be adjusted for inflation.

- John W., Cincinnati, OH



Portable Power Tools Anyone?

Among the comments to the Facebook posting: Do you have piles of power tool batteries laying around?

Yes we have. And also you cannot fine replacements. Technology is moving fast
and nothing is like yesterday.

- Dana Frum



Imported Flooring & Formaldehyde

A lawsuit filed against Lumber Liquidators for CARB violations led to this letter.


I saw with interest the article for Woodworking Network on 7-23-2014. We purchased an “off brand” laminate floor of Chinese origin from Home Owners Buyers Outlet in Waukegan, IL, I think around 2009-2010. I was concerned about the formaldehyde in it, but my husband installed the floor over Christmas break. My husband, a nonsmoker and a black belt in martial arts, has now developed lung cancer. Is there a way for us to have our floor tested to see if it’s the same origin as the one you reported?

- Shelly, Oshkosh, WI


Speedy Cabinet Production

A video of acpi Cabinets’ high-speed assembly line drew a number of comments on Facebook.

Woodworking Network: Most Commented Articles November 2014

I see cabinets similar to this every time I go to Home Depot. It’s amazing to me that people actually buy this stuff.

- Tim Bowman

I might be wrong, but this is a job that someone is getting paid to do! I think if they were not doing this, the customer that can’t afford anything else would be left out! You who are mocking this are either privileged not to need a job, or you are too proud to do this job, or you have always had enough money to buy better, or you are still letting someone else pay for your life at mommy and daddy’s and aren’t working. In short your attitude is what has sent these jobs overseas and have caused illegal work practices!

- Kellie Moreland


Has anyone forgotten about old school cabinetry building? Right now it’s about how fast you can produce and not about quality.

- Tyler Johnson

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