Wood Products: Continuously Improving for Changing TimesDid you do a double take when the May issue of Wood Products hit your inbox? Noting the publication’s new logo, did you wonder, “Who stole Wood & from the name?”

That abbreviated name – Wood Products – was not a result of grand theft, but rather a conscious decision by the publishers - and one that we did not take lightly. After all, until this issue the venerable Wood & Wood Products held claim to being the longest-standing title among North American industrial woodworking publications. It got its name way back in 1951 when Herbert Vance, founder of Vance Publishing Corp. and publisher of a start-up magazine called Wood, purchased the assets of his arch nemesis Wood Products and merged the two publications into Wood & Wood Products.

But times change and so must we. We came to the conclusion that not only was Wood & Wood Products due for a redesign, but that the time was right to streamline its name. The re-christening and re-engineering is but the latest phase in our current cycle of continuous improvement.

The re-christening and re-engineering of this publication is but the latest phase in our current cycle of continuous improvement. This cycle officially began with the combining of sister publications Custom Woodworking Business (CWB) and Closets magazines into a unique flip-book format last fall. The melding of CWB and Closets created a nice stage-setting segue for launching the successful new Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo held in February in Edison, NJ.

Next month we will introduce a totally redesigned and enhanced WoodworkingNetwork.com. The new platform also will allow us to add exciting features to our trade show websites: CabinetsandClosetsExpo.com and WoodworkingExpo.ca, the latter for the Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo – Canada’s national woodworking show – Oct. 24-26, 2013 in Toronto.

We make these investments in time, energy and cash, not because our products are broken, but to better serve an evolving wood products industry. These investments are consistent with our goal to engage our readers and provide our customers with more ways to connect with their customers – in print, online and at live events.

We are proud to tender this first issue of Wood Products and look forward to your feedback.

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