Consumers consider the LED trend to be more than just a bright idea for their kitchen, office or bath. Today, it’s a proven way to assure maximum control of aesthetic variables while saving money over years of dependable, energy-efficient use.

Choices: Light Color, Style

LED lighting is available in warm or cool color output. For a kitchen installation with wood-grain surfaces and a more traditional look, choose warm LED. For contemporary designs and task lighting, the brighter output of a cool LED is typically preferred.

With halogen and xenon under-counter lights, the only options may be puck or box lights. With LED, the trend is overwhelmingly toward strip, or linear lights. This slender format provides a very even distribution of light, as opposed to the spotlight effect of pucks. The look is uniform and balanced, whether aimed onto a countertop or illuminating a cabinet interior. A good rule of thumb is to go linear with LEDs and use pucks strategically as accents.

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