I recently returned from Europe after attending Sicam in Italy, Living Kitchen in Germany, and Maison in Paris full of ideas with all the intriguing uses of color. I hope this inspires you, too, to use color in new ways.

White + Woodgrain: Notice the white acrylic doors and wood interior;  it’s reverse of what we normally do in closets in North America. It certainly has me thinking…

Blue + Green: We noticed a use of color that pops.  I love the range of colors and the thought of using a color wheel to create a palette has me constantly pushing the color combination possibilities.

Pinks + Purples: The deep color and vibrant magentas are beautiful with many wood tones.

Color + Texture: Be bold when you think of using colors.  An unexpected pop of color makes me smile.

Source: Annette Wildenauer is the director of design and development for Northern Contours. For information visit NorthernContours.com or call (866) 344-8132.

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