Cabinet Sales Continue Growth in 2013After closing 2012 on a positive note for the first time in six years, expectations for 2013 cabinet sales are upbeat as the economy continues to improve.

“The slow improvement in the health of the housing industry is expected to continue, barring a drop in consumer confidence, lack of leadership from Washington and repeat of the debt ceiling crisis, or irreconcilable disagreements on tax reform and need for reduced government spending,” said Dick Titus, executive vice president of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Assn.

Cabinetry sales for new construction as well as repair and remodeling are projected to grow, as is an increased demand for certified cabinetry, Titus said. He added the association “continues to strengthen the U.S. cabinet performance standard, ANSI/KCMA 161.1-2012, to accommodate changed technology and demands of the marketplace. This in turn helps create more consumer/specifier awareness and demand for KCMA ‘certified’ cabinets.”

Cabinet Sales Continue Growth in 2013The increased demand for sustainable cabinetry also will be impacted by heightened consumer awareness and government procurement activities. Green certification programs such as KCMA’s Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) continue to grow in popularity.

Titus noted the ESP is in compliance with FTC Green Guidelines released late last year. In fact, he added, “the FTC even adopted some KCMA suggestions as part of the final guideline.”

On the legislative front, KCMA supports efforts to amend the Lacey Act and control illegal logging. Titus also cited the progress made on boiler MACT, wood dust and employee health and safety regulations that impact domestic manufacturers.

On the issue of domestic manufacturing, KCMA has implemented membership guidelines for cabinetry that is manufactured in North America. “There is growing interest on the part of many consumers for such product,” he said.

To further grow business, Titus added, “The biggest opportunity for KCMA members remains their ability to quickly respond to market changes with new and varied products, increased productivity, and emphasizing customer service 24/7.”

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