Kitchen/Bath Cabinets

An Award-Winning Kitchen Is Created Using Many Ingredients

Wood, tile, stone, stainless steel and more are a part of this year’s winning entry.


Industrial Design Form Corp. is becoming a regular in CWB’s Design Portfolio Awards contest. It had the overall winning piece in last year’s competition and won two honorable mentions two years ago. The Coconut Grove, FL, company has come back again this year to win the Kitchen/Bath Cabinets category. It also won an Honorable Mention in the Commercial/Institutional Furniture category.

These kitchen cabinets are made with solid maple and maple veneer. Luis Lozada, president of the company, says that the antique finish adds elegance to the kitchen.

This year’s winning entry is a residential kitchen that resulted from a remodeling of the house to add more space. “The kitchen was designed as a functional yet attractive area,� says Luis Lozada, president of Industrial Design Form.

One of the more impressive features of the kitchen is its sheer size; the room is about 15 feet wide, and the center island is more than 10 feet long. “One of the most unusual aspects is the center isle because of its big dimension,� Lozada says. “Nevertheless, it plays with the proportion of the whole space.�

Every piece of cabinetry was designed as a modular system, all wrapped around the continuous crown moulding and baseboard. The island, doors and mouldings are all fabricated in solid maple, and the shelves are plywood with maple veneer. The cabinets were given an antique finish, with great results, Lozada says. “The elegance of the kitchen was achieved thanks to the antique finish,� he explains.

Wood is just one of the many materials used in the kitchen. Tile was used on the countertops and walls and Saturnia and granite were used on the floor. Stone moulding, bricks, stainless steel appliances and halogen lighting were included in the kitchen’s layout.

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