Merlino LLC
Elk Grove Village, IL

Specialty: Architectural woodwork, cabinetry and general construction
Category: Specialty Products
Project: 52nd Street Project – Wine Room
Materials: Alder, african mahagony and walnunt.
Project Notes: This is a wine room for a new custom home in Arizona. The cabinetry and woodwork was fabricated from alder. The cabinets are alder, the ladder is African mahagony with walnunt inserts for steps and walnut tenon keys. Relief carvings were used on the doors. The ladder was the most unique part of the project.

Honorable Mentions


Whittington Gallery
Camden, SC

Category: Specialty Products
Specialty: Custom woodwork
Project: The "Dream Wagon"
Project Notes: The project is intricately designed to totally disassemble for transport purposes. Every aspect of this original design is totally fabricated in-house, including wheels — metalwork and bending-leather work and finish work.


Banner’s Cabinets Inc.
Newland, NC

Category: Specialty
Specialty: Custom cabinetry, doors and millwork
Project: Glassy Entry System
Project Notes: The door and transom are attached by a massive casing and mullion system to make one unit.

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