One of the underlying tenets of lean manufacturing is establishing a mindset of “continuous improvement” — a thought process of always looking at what you are doing to see if you can find ways, big and small, to do them better. While producing a magazine is different from manufacturing a product, the idea of striving for continuous improvement is certainly applicable to every type of business, including publications. So it is something we try to put into practice as well.

Thinking of ways we can improve ourselves boils down to how we can get useful information to our audience in the best ways possible. In today’s digital world, this means going beyond the pages of a print magazine to include many different vehicles. We utilize a variety of venues to share information in a timely manner, including e-mail, Web sites and full-blown educational conferences.

In the past few months, we have been focusing on continuous improvement to take full advantage of all types of media and find a good balance in how we use them to provide information how and when you need it. As a result, we have some exciting new changes being unveiled now and in the coming months:

• A new Web site: This is now up and running, with enhanced features and easy-to-navigate links to news, online-exclusive features, expanded blogs by our editorial team, video coverage of industry events, and new products — as well as access to, the most comprehensive online database of equipment, supplies and services for the professional woodworking industry.

• E-newsletters three times a week and more to come. With readers utilizing more information online and via e-mail, we recognize that you are accustomed to obtaining information on a frequent basis. So we are sending our Woodworking Network Update every Tuesday and Thursday, giving you the most recent news items, new blogs, event updates and other key features. Every Friday, we are sending the Red Book Alert e-newsletter, featuring new products in specific categories, with links to the manufacturers’ Web sites.

• New publication schedule and buyer’s guide. As we continue to increase the frequency and scope of our digital products, we are moving our print production schedule to nine times a year. And for the first time, CWB readers will receive the Red Book Illustrated Resource Guide as one of the print issues. Coming in March, it will include articles on how to improve plant operations in custom and production woodworking environments, plus a complete listing of manufacturers and distributors.

With so many ways for us to stay connected with readers, we think that these changes offer the best balance in terms of giving you breaking news in a timely manner, as well as in-depth coverage of important business and industry issues. We think we have a winning combination. But with the idea of continuous improvement spurring us on, we will keep tweaking our mix. As always, it is your opinion and needs that count the most. We want to hear from you and look forward to getting your feedback as we go forward.

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