NK Woodworking, Seattle, has transferred its boat building and restoration skills to custom cabinetry, commercial projects, and award winning staircase projects, some priced up to $45,000.

It’s great to see dedicated young craftsmen not only carrying on established traditions of woodworking, but also expanding the design vocabulary of staircase construction. I wish NK Woodworking great success! Louis Fry, Dripping Springs, TX

A Wood Species Spotlight by Timber Products’ Eric Cullen relates that Alder, also called Western Red Alder, has gained ground in the cabinet market, since it first began replacing Red Birch 15 years ago.

We too have seen an increase in woodwork being done with alder. Thank you for posting this blog. AmCraft, Elk Grove Village, IL

Tiny House Nation, FYI Network’s new series, on building very small (200 square foot) homes really challenges woodworkers to get maximum yield.

Can’t wait to see this show. I love these tiny homes. I used “Small Home Tiny Estimate Guide” to help me plan in building mine. I highly recommend it. John Zerbiak, Newport, TN.

Honestly, I see no value whatsoever in this perceived nobility that comes with cramming yourself and everything you own into the smallest possible cubic footage. Matt Seiler, at Facebook

A Woodworker Walks Into a Bar and finds a Curly Cherry bar finishing project that should have taken a few hours ultimately took three whole days, with challenges using lye. “How time flies when you are screwing up a finish,” says bloggist Scott Wunder, WunderWood.

I was taught to rinse with trisodium phosphate after the lye, and then warm water. Been on the wrong side of a catalyst driven finish before. Sorry for your pain. Steven Wade Rice, U.S.

I learned about chemically treating wood the hard way a few decades back. Having George Frank’s home number usually solved the problem! Drew Nyman, at Facebook

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