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Woodworkers: Most Commented Articles January 2013

Brian Grabski’s woodworking video was awesome. You should do an article on this company. I’d like to know what all they do. Interested Reader, Via Kampyle Survey

Wow! Nice sound track too on Grabski’s video, too. SK Blakeslee, USA

Re: Video How to Make a Spiral Tapered Leg: A nice job done by a true craftsman. However in a commercial setting, I would need strong support from my customer to make these from scratch when they can be purchased pre-made from a few suppliers. Bottom line for me is cost made vs purchased realizing that on some jobs you cannot find it, to buy, you have to make it. Bill does a nice job, the legs look great. Interested reader, via Kampyle Survey

Re: Video How to Install LED Lights Under Cabinets: Nice product. I’m beginning to use LEDs on my kitchen projects. I will look into DeKor for the next one. Mike Mihich, via Hotmail

Re: Video 60 Foot Fir Flagpole Reclaimed as Table: The flagpole video story was terrific – so well put together, someone had a lot of forethought to document it in the way they did.Thanks for sharing this today. Loved it! Custom Woodworker, via Kampyle Survey

ON STEAMBENDING VIDEOS: Kent Perdue (“Woodbending Manually” video) neglected to mention that to have the lamination resemble the original board, mark it with a ‘V’ before ripping so strips are assembled in the same order as they were ripped, yielding the same grain pattern as the original. Daniel DeKoven via Yahoo

Mike Jarvi (“Steambending Oak Wood Table” video) has found his own center of the universe in the U.P. This video even smells good. Thanks for sharing it. Paul Kinsey, College of the Redwoods

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