Woodworkers Most Commented April: Ground Tree FoamGerman researchers from the Fraunhofer Institute ground trees into foam insulation that’s greener than fiberglass and more stable than dry blow-in materials. But Canadians lay claim to doing it first.

Enjoyed reading about foam insulation from wood particles. We fabricate pressboard insulation for the transformer industry, and struggled with finding an outlet for our sawdust. About 18 months ago we worked with a local university to develop a blown expanding foam insulation from our sawdust – an interesting and ongoing project, certainly not developed by German scientists, but rather a couple of Canadian students. Ron Anderson, Canducts Industries, London, Ontario

Cutting edge wood arch technology used to build a dozen World War II anti-submarine blimp hangars, was featured in a blog by Bill Esler.

Just Read ‘Blimp Hangars.’ I was Googling “Timber Structures” and it came up. My dad worked for Timber Structures in the 1960s and 70s and I can honestly say that they are why I became an architect. I visited a lot of job sites with him as a child and the amazing structures I saw made me want to be a part of that type of work. My dad was the one who sold the idea of the clear span grocery store to Safeway and created all those wonderful Glulam arched stores. Thanks for including Timber Structures in your article. Jody Yehle, CSI LEED AP, Senior Project Mgr., 4240 Architecture, Denver

BEST Kitchen Design winner Kelvin Brown of Integrity Trim Works was selected by online vote for a remodel of a residential kitchen, scoring of 8.88 out of 10.

Great streamlined kitchen, elegant, practical and fitting the theme of the home. Great, congrats! Jennifer Tavani, Northern New Jersey Closets By Design

Bernie Bottens recounts a walnut log’s journey from Dave’s backyard obstacle to conversion at a sawmill. It was so big, it had to be quartered to fit the mill.

That log was big!!!:) Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. Sorry to be a little off topic, but we have just published an infographic, “Guide for Buying Wood Fuel.” I thought your readers would want to see it. coriniumfluesystems.com, U.K.

Dave’s walnut tree experience was very insightful. Vickie, U.S.


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