Advance Cabinet Systems VP marketing Phil Bowers says his Marion, IN, casegoods and cabinet firm lets sales persons go on Facebook and other social media to cold call. He suggests social media trolling is not a time-waster.

Woodworkers Face-off On Facebook, Comments

Great article as I have Linked In with people I want to connect with at Events and when we met it was as if we already had been introduced. — Pat Crouse, Pennsylvania

Phil is focused on the social media and rightly so. The new generation is using social media as their “go-to” source for information. His point about informing instead of blasting is the key to winning those customers over. — Rick Hill, Glenbeulah, WI

OSHA combustible dust rules are in the works. In the meantime woodshops are penalized on sawdust handling under other regulations, like cleaning procedures, blogs Air Handling Systems’ Jamison Scott.

I wonder how much PSI a leaf blower creates? I know several woodturners who clean out their shops with one. Of course woodturners have a difficult time collecting the chips generated from turning. Sanding dust is much easier to collect. — Jim, Georgia

This has some potential serious implications for processes not normally associated with hazardous chemicals like combustible dust creating and collection processes in the wood products industry, now requiring PSM, HAZCOM, etc. and other safety requirements of hazardous chemical processes. — Jeffrey Nichols, Milledgeville, GA

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