Hundreds of new supplies will be on display at the International Woodworking Machinery & Furniture Supply Fair 2012, providing visitors access to components, hardware, finishing products and accessories.

Attendees will have the opportunity to see the latest in wood and wood product components: lumber, panels, veneers, as well as decorative accessories. Also on display, functional and decorative hardware including hinges, glides and slides, locks and knobs and pulls. Coatings and adhesive suppliers also will offer up their latest innovations, with some including environment friendly benefits.

Eighty products from 62 companies were entered in the IWF 2012 Challengers Award competition. Suppliers include Blum, Custom Accents/HandiSolutions, Columbia Forest Products, Element Designs, Hafele America, Hettich, ML Campbell, Mohawk Finishing, Panel Processing, Rev-A-Shelf, Sherwin Williams, Uniboard, West Wood Products and Wood Technology. Blum and Hafele were chosen as 2012 Challengers Award finalists.

Wood on the Floor at IWF 2012The following listings offer a sneak peek at a few of the suppliers exhibiting at the show, including Challengers Entrants.

A Lewis Mfg. Embossed Wood

Booth 3159

A Lewis is a domestic manufacturer of embossed wood, cut dentil, turned rope mouldings and rosettes with several hundred embossing wheels, combined with unlimited profiles available. The company offers contract embossing and dentil cutting services. All products are available in Appalachian hardwoods, mahogany, alder, pine and bass. (800) 969-2212,

Adams Wood Products Components

Booth 3107

Adams Wood Products produces custom components to the user’s specifications as well as a line of stock items, which include corbels in several styles and sizes, unfinished island legs in sizes up to 6 in. wide and 41-1/4 in. tall, bun feet, cabinet onlays and various other items for the cabinet industry. Additional products include: table bases, bed posts, Queen Anne legs, carved legs and numerous other products for the furniture industry. All items are produced in America by American Craftsmen using American hardwoods. (423) 587-2942,

American Veneer Edgebanding Co.

Booth 1525

AVEC manufactures real wood edgebanding and offers a variety of wood species and refinements including: fleece/sanded, clear pre-finished, cross grain and pre-glued. Custom color-matched edgings to meet the user’s unique pre-finished color are available. Aside from traditional 0.5mm thickness, AVEC also produces edgebanding in profile wrapping grade thickness, super-thick rolls 1mm-3mm stock and strips 1mm and up. (740) 928-2700,

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Lumber

Booth 1324

Appalachian Hardwood is a regional association of hardwood lumber producers, distributors and secondary manufacturers who promote the logs, lumber and products from the Verified Sustainable Appalachian region of the U.S. (336) 885-8315,

Arrow Wood Products Plywood

Booth 5361

Arrow Wood Products, a division of Arrow Tooling, specializes in imported plywood. Products include lumber, OSB Oriented Strandboard, panel products, slatwall, corkboard, beadboard, MDF, particleboard and hardboard. (877) 590-8665

Banks Hardwoods Inc.

Booth 4235

Banks is a hardwood dry kiln concentration yard headquartered in White Pigeon, MI, with additional facilities in Menomonie, WI, and Newberry, MI. The company offers hit-or-miss surfacing, cabinet finish planning, straight-line ripping, and fixed-width blanks for a variety of applications. Its custom color-sorting and proprietary grading is geared toward programs that fit specific customer requirements in hardwood lumber. (269) 483-2323,

Cabinotch Cabinets

Booth 4513

Winner of a 2010 IWF Challengers Award, Cabinotch is a new system of machining and assembling cabinet components. The company says the Cabinotch system helps cabinet shops make more money by taking the time and effort out of manufacturing the boxes. Cabinotch provides precision-machined, custom cabinet panels and frames, and assembly of the flat-packed components takes just minutes, the company says. (877) 413-4299,

Collins Companies Wood Products

Booth 4853

The Collins Companies, family owned since 1855, features high-quality wood products including: hardwoods, softwoods, moulding, paneling and pine particleboard. Collins also features a full line of FSC-certified wood products from its forests in Oregon, California and Pennsylvania. New products include: Collins Pine FreeForm, an FSC-certified pine particleboard, and CARB Exempt. (503) 417-7755,

Columbia Forest Products

Booth 4401

Columbia Forest Products offers high-quality, North American-made decorative veneers and plywood panels used to build cabinets, furniture, fixtures and millwork in homes and commercial settings. Panel products include PureBond, MPX, Classic Core and UV Wood. MPX, is its newest core innovation, featuring a Meinan-peeled poplar x-band under the decorative face and back. It reduces telegraphing, making MPX suitable for finishing and applications where a smooth, even face is needed, the company says. (800) 637-1609,

Darlington Veneer Co. Inc.

Booth 1512

Darlington Veneer serves the wholesale distributor, architectural millwork and hospitality/contract furniture markets, offering over 20,000 different plywood items. Panels are available from 6 ft to 12 ft in all popular thicknesses on veneer core, PBC and MDF. Darlington also offers Type 1Glue, NAUF, FSC, Fire Retardant, OSB, counterfronts and bending panels. (843) 393-3861

EdgeCo Inc. Edgebanding

Booth 5062

EdgeCo says its Multi-Layered Thick Wood Edgebanding adds value and enhances a product’s appearance. Available in continuous finger-jointed coils or without finger joints in one piece veneered strips. EdgeCo’s stocking program includes ash, birch, cherry, mahogany, maple, red oak, walnut, white oak and sapele. Rolls are 328 ft and strips are 96 in. Minimum orders include one roll or one box of 40 strips. Custom edgeband orders are available in veneer species from afrormosia to zebrawood. (800) 644-6449,

Element Designs Glass Door

Booth 3031

Element Designs introduces its newest aluminum door profile, the AF010, constructed of opaque glass with beveled and polished edges, which completely covers and is permanently adhered to the anodized aluminum frame. The AF010 is an IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry. The high-gloss, contemporary glass door is inspired by current trends in European kitchen design, says the company, and features durable and easy-to-maintain tempered glass. Element Designs custom manufactures aluminum frame cabinet doors to customers’ specifications in 1/16 in. increments. (877) 332-3396,

Excel Dowel & Wood Products LLC

Booth 1910

Excel Dowel & Wood Products is a full-service manufacturing and distribution company. Products include plain dowel pins, pre-glued dowel pins, hardwood dowel rods, buttons, plugs, joining biscuits, wood glue, island columns, furniture legs, mouldings, spindles, knobs, turnings and custom wood parts. (630) 775-9300,

Gingrich Woodcraft Inc. Drawers

Booth 4814

Gingrich specializes in custom-sized dovetail drawers and many drawer accessories available in various hardwood species. Gingrich also offers a cutting board insert, sized to fit into any custom dovetail drawer. Made with butcher block solid maple, it is oiled for food-grade use and slides front to back inside the drawer; it also can be removed for countertop use. Cutting boards are commonly ordered with a knife block insert installed below. (877) 368-8245,

Hardwoods Specialty Products

Booth 1824

Hardwoods Specialty Products’ red grandis (eucalyptus grandis) is a solid wood product suited for high-end applications in residential and commercial furniture, cabinets, mouldings, interior design, doors and windows, etc. Hardwoods says its red grandis is a fast-growing, sustainable hardwood that offers an ecological alternative to tropical hardwoods. Versatile and strong, this hardwood is plantation grown with a 20-year harvest cycle and is FSC certified 100% pure. (604) 881-1988,

Hood Distribution Hardwoods

Booth 1765

Hood Distribution has an extensive range of wood products and services to offer in fulfilling all specialty building material needs. Offerings include hardwood lumber and plywood, softwood lumber and plywood, moulding, and composite and vinyl products. (601) 520-0020

Horizon Wood Products Slabs

Booth 1644

Horizon offers slabs produced from American hardwoods including black cherry, walnut, hard and soft maple, red and white oak, ash, sassafras, red and gray elm, butternut, cottonwood and pecan. Other species are available. Slabs are available up to 16/4 thickness with unique character, kiln dried or green. (814) 772-1651,

Kendrick Forest Products

Booth 4223

Kendrick is a family owned and operated sawmill specializing in the production of kiln-dried lumber, green lumber and veneer logs for customers domestically and internationally. Kendrick offers walnut, white oak, red oak, hard maple, soft maple, ash, basswood, cherry, hickory, red elm, and gray elm. Additional services include surfacing, straight-line ripping, width sorting, and export preparation of its hardwood lumber. (563) 928-6431,

MJB Wood Group Inc. Panels

Booth 2631

MJB Wood offers a variety of wood products, both domestic and imported. Its product offerings include panel products, cabinet, fixture and furniture components, door and window components, and millwork and specialty products including a complete line of moulding and millwork. (972) 401-0005,

Northway Industries Laminates

Booth 1648

Northway introduced an exclusive automated lean process, which yields a full 1-1/2-in. thick top, utilizing a PVA glue line, a full-coverage backer sheet, and an edges first/top laminate last configuration. This produces a competitively priced top that meets AWI Quality Standards. Its standard core material is a NAUF, industrial-grade particleboard. (570) 837-1564

Northwest Hardwoods Inc.

Booth 5052

Northwest Hardwoods provides hardwood lumber to the furniture, cabinet and millwork industries including alder, hard and soft maple, cherry, red and white oak, hickory, ash, walnut, and yellow poplar. Northwest Hardwoods hand-picks its hardwood lumber products with each of the company’s wood graders going through rigorous training to meet its stringent standards, the company says. (866) 870-3040,

Omega National Products

Booth 1621

Omega introduces the EVO pull-out pantry powered by the Fulterer 771 ECS Heavy-Duty Slide with Easy Close. The adjustable shelves feature the Platinum Powdercoat rails that match any style kitchen, the company says. Available widths are 8.5 in., 11.5 in. and 14.5 in. widths (all 21.15 in. deep). The systems are trimmable from 59.50 in.; shipped R.T.A. (800) 533-8809,

REHAU Edgebanding

Booth 2655

REHAU offers a selection of designer edgebands that combine creative patterns, textures and colors to open new perspectives in modern furniture design. (703) 777-5255,

States Industries LLC Veneer

Booth 2507

ApplePly from States Industries is a premium-quality veneer core panel constructed from uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16-in. birch. This solid hardwood core is designed to produce a strong, lightweight panel with a minimum number of voids and a naturally attractive edge. These panels contain no-added-urea-formaldehyde and are available FSC-Certified. (800) 626-1981,

Sylka Inc. Custom Chairs

Booth 4453

Sylka specializes in making custom wood chairs. Products include overbuilt hardwood chairs, dining, office, hospitality, tables parts, table tops, table skirts, table legs table slides and complete casegoods, buffet and hutches. New in 2012 is its color-match program, which will match its unfinished furniture to the user’s cabinets. (877) 990-8254,

Thompson Forest Products Intl

Booth 4635

Thompson offers both custom and production turnings, mouldings, dimension lumber, solid and laminated squares, dowels, edge-glued panels, handles, and bat-billets. It also provides a variety of fully and semi-machined shaped parts to meet the end user’s needs. (336) 373-1117,

Veneer Technologies Inc.

Booth 2067

Veneer Technologies manufactures high-end decorative hardwood veneer faces, sheet veneer and edgebanding in domestic and exotic species. The company offers kiln-dried hardwood lumber to match veneers, custom door skins and reconstituted products. (252) 223-6359,

Blum Inc.

Booth 2637

Blum’s new TANDEM plus BLUMOTION is the latest advancement in concealed runner technology. The company added side-to-side adjustment and improved stability, while maintaining the product’s smooth running action and soft close. TANDEM plus BLUMOTION concealed runners are made at the Blum’s North Carolina facility. (704) 827-1345,


Booth 1636

Custom Accents introduces the new Helix Cable Manager; a product for cable management for the office environment. Manufactured from high-end materials such as stainless steel and Zamak, this cable manager answers the problem of how to attractively and functionally manage all the cables from the work surface to the floor. The height is adjustable and will work on sit/stand work surfaces. (847) 439-6770,

Hafele Sliding Doors Mechanism

Booth 2307

Slido with Smuso for sliding doors incorporates a soft and silent closing mechanism. The mechanism prevents door slam, which eliminates noise, helps avoid damage to doors and walls and could even prevent injury if someone were to slam their finger or hand in the door while closing, the company says. (800) 423-3531,

Hettich America Slides

Booth 2115

ArciTech’s stability and load capacity of up to 176 lbs/80kg offer new creative possibilities for cabinet designers. Synchronized slides offer quiet, smooth running action. The platform concept permits the efficient construction of drawers and pull-outs in different heights and styles, using standard components based on just one side profile. (800) 777-1772,

Ferrari America Inc. Hinges

Booth 1707

Ferrari America supplies a full line of quality, functional hardware for cabinetry and furniture. Ferrari offers the Anyway-Clip system, the IC Economy series of clip hinges, Compacta frame hinges, a variety of drawer slide options, several lifts and lid-stays and other accessories. (336) 841-1445,

INDAUX Hanging System

Booth 2515

Indaux is an established manufacturer for 50 years in Spain of functional hardware. Its new hanging system for base cabinets and bathroom cabinets eliminate the need for toe kicks or leg levelers, the company says. Indaux has developed ATLAS fitting device for low-hanging cabinets as an answer to the technical challenges as traditional hangers designed for modules with little depth and no drawers do not work. (336) 210-3965,

U.S. Futaba Inc. Brackets

Booth 2529

U. S. Futaba offers the Workstation/Shelf Brackets. Its new heavy-duty brackets are available in large sizes from 24 in. by 29 in. down to 5 in. by 8 in. in four powder-coated finishes/colors. Features include: 1/8-in. steel construction; 1,000 lb load capacity (per pair); multiple 1/4-in. mounting holes per side; texture powder coat finish; and brackets are reversible. (757) 549-0036,

CounterBalance Corp.

Booth 1626

CounterBalance is an original equipment manufacturer of modular torsion spring systems used to lift lids, covers, hatches, countertops and electro-mechanical equipment. Its Counter-A-SYST fits countertop door weights from 50 to 150 lbs and lengths/spans from 28 in. to 42 in. Types of countertop door materials that are typically paired with the Counter-A-SYST are stone, wood and Corian. (215) 957-9260

Grass America Inc.

Booth 2137

Grass offers the TEC Soft-close hinge for face frame applications with the Soft-close damper pre-mounted in the hinge cup. The drilling depth of the cup is 10.7mm and the closing force automatically adjusts to the size and weight of the door. The TEC Soft-close has no protruding parts in the interior of the cabinet and no additional mounting space is needed. It is available in nickel finish with zinc die cast cover cap. (336) 996-4041

Outwater Plastics Industries Inc.

Booth 1569

Outwater Plastics Industries offers and stocks more than 65,000 woodworking component products including extrusions; furniture, cabinet and store fixture components; lighting and accessories; architectural mouldings and millwork; decorative wood carvings; period and contemporary hardware; K&B Cabinetry & Accessories; surfacing materials; POP components. (201) 498-8750,

Richelieu Hardware

Booth 2007

Richelieu is a distributor, importer and manufacturer of specialty hardware and complementary products. Its 2012 cabinet hardware collection offers appliance pulls, brass ornaments, cremone bolts, hinges, hooks, keyhole plates, keys and mock keys, pivot hinges, recessed pulls, knobs and pulls backplates, split hinges and the new floor registers, switch plates, wire meshes, aluminum profiles and more in a variety of sizes and styles. (514) 832-4010,

Salice America Inc. Hardware

Booth 2829

Salice is a manufacturer of concealed hinges, drawer slides, and sliding door systems for closets and office space. Its full line of integrated soft-close hinges is complemented by soft-close drawer slides and the possibility of having 220 lbs doors slide silently to close. Salice also offers motorized coplanar doors as well as new titanium finishes on its hardware. (704) 841-7810

Sugatsune America Inc. Lift

Booth 2810

Available from Sugatsune are several new items including: a vertical swing lift-up system added to its ELAN series, which allows light opening, free stop and soft closing at the end; a swing down lid stay can be used with the vertical swing lift-up stay for tall cabinet, allowing vertical double doors on one cabinet to open separately. (310) 329-6373,

Wood Technology Inc.

Booth 2707

Wood Technology specializes in electric-height adjustable solutions for flat screen displays for cabinets, mobile displays and fixed solutions for the home, office, healthcare and education environments. Since 1978, the company has been offering a complete range of hardware products for furniture and cabinetry including hinges, slides, computer desk accessories, closet hardware, casters, lid supports, knobs and pulls and many specialty items as well as custom-tooled OEM products. (919) 542-6300,

Fulterer USA Slides

Booth 2654

Fulterer is a drawer slide manufacturer offering regular extension and full extension slides with weight capacities from 50 to 500 lbs. Additional products include linear ballbearing slides and roller bearing slides. Various materials and finishes available, as well as application engineering services. (336) 431-4646,

CompX Intl Locks

Booth 1931

CompX’s StealthLock is a keyless, invisible electronic lock for wood furniture and cabinets. Radio frequency technology allows a single transmitter pad to operate one or multiple receiver latches to secure cabinet doors or drawers. StealthLock is designed to be easy to install, operate with programmable user or supervisor code and features four modes of operation. StealthLock is suitable for new or retrofit applications in healthcare, residential, locker or office cabinetry. (847) 752-2600,

Century Hardware

Booth 2727

Century offers cabinet hardware and decorative pulls and knobs. Its Vineyard collection features pulls and knobs available in Antique Light Brass, Antique Nickel and Weathered Bronze Copper. (616) 988-4788

Berenson Corp. Knobs and Pulls

Booth 2855

Berenson introduces the Brenda Collection of decorative hardware, which features one knob and a 96mm CC pull design available in five finishes: oil rubbed bronze, werona bronze, brushed nickel, polished nickel and pink, a finish developed specifically for the collection. Other collections include The Nancy Collection, The Diedra Collection, The Laura Collection and The Betty Collection. (800) 333-0578,

Keeler, Belwith Products

Booth 2520

Keeler offers functional and decorative hardware for furniture and cabinet makers. Its decorative hardware uses brass, bronze, copper, zinc, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, and other materials. (616) 247-4000

Advanced Affiliates Inc. Knobs

Booth 2000

Advanced Affiliates offers cabinet hardware, decorative pulls and knobs, drawer glides and slides, grommets, hinges, tv pullouts and upholstery supplies. (336) 889-6448,

Selby Furniture Hardware Co. Inc.

Booth 1907

Selby has a complete range of wall bed mechanisms. These are available for beds ranging from single to king size and many different mattress weight capacities. Selby’s wall bed mechanisms become a part of your cabinet, because they fasten directly to the side wall of the cabinet and not to the floor. (718) 993-3700,

Comtrad Strategic Sourcing

Booth 2347

Available from Comtrad are high precision hinge products for home and office applications including its Cushion-Close Technology for hinges. Comtrad’s 243 Series, a new release, is a full overlay clip-on incorporating cushion-closing action built into the hinge. The concealed mechanism does the work and a dampener is not needed the company says, resulting use of less cabinet space. Comtrad also stocks a variety of 243 series hinge plates. (905) 625-0564

Modular Systems Inc.

Booth 1320

Modular Systems is the manufacturer of the Mod-eez Ready-to-Assemble fastening system. It is a hidden, flexible and easy-to-assemble fastening system used by woodworking companies all over the world for 45 years, the company says. Wood products assembled with Mod-eez will be displayed at IWF 2012 as well as hardware products manufactured by SISO of Denmark. (231) 865-3167,

M.L. Campbell

Booth: 3207

M.L. Campbell’s Clean Cure Technology platform provides acid cure formaldehyde free amino-alkyd pre-catalyzed and post-catalyzed finishing systems that are both low odor and HAPs free helping to create a safer working environment. Products with Clean Cure Technology are designed to apply easily, cure at normal ambient temperature and dry to a smooth-touch finish with durability and depth, says the company. (800) 364-1359,

Daubert Chemical Co. Inc.

Booth 4413

Daubert’s Daubond is a line of environmentally friendly adhesives used in PUR Hot Melts for assembly applications, laminating, edgebanding and wrapping; liquid 1-part PUR for wood-to-various substrates; urethane dispersions for thermoforming applications; solvent free epoxy for vinyl laminations; modified VAE (high solids) for vinyl laminations, PVAc & VAE for paper laminations, modified VAE for hard-to-bond paper laminations; adhesive concentrates for aerosol packaging applications. (708) 496-7350,

Mohawk Finishing Products

Booth 2663

Mohawk Finishing Products introduces its Brush Tip Graining Markers, an IWF 2012 Challengers Award Entry. The Brush Tip Graining Marker features a micro brush tip applicator and allows users to apply color and grain lines where needed without using powders or fluids. Uses include ability to add grain lines or alter the color of a Fil-Stik Putty Stick, Quick Fill Burn in Stick, Plane Stick Burn-In Stick or E-Z Flow Burn-In Stick. It also allows users to add color to small sand through areas on the face or edge of wooden parts to add or alter color in any small defect. The markers are avaialable in 12 wood-tone colors and two 6-pack assortments and have low to no odor. (800) 545-0047,


Gemini Coatings

Booth 1555

Gemini offers its Artisan Effects Faux Finish Glaze product line, which can be utilized to create a variety of specialty finishes and dynamic illusions on any ordinary painted interior surface, according to the manufacturer. Gemini Artisan Effects Glaze can be used to decorate walls, ceilings, wood, metal and create a variety of faux finishes, including wood graining marbleizing, granite, leather and antiquing. The faux finishing glaze is easy to use, comes in five popular colors, plus a natural base tintable with universal colorants. (800) 262-5710,

ArtCAM by Delcam

Booth 4522

With greater 2-D design and 3-D modeling capabilities, ArtCAM 2012, from Delcam, provides enhancements to the modeling and texturing abilities, for supply materials. ArtCAM 2012 accelerates workflow potential in every area of the software, from optimizing the performance of key features to allowing the user to drag and drop over the entire interface. For visualization of finished pieces, ArtCAM also allows the user to render models and easily delete the waste material when simulating. (877) 335-2261,


Booth 1636

Custom Accents introduces the new Helix Cable Manager, a product for cable management for today’s office environment. Manufactured from high-end materials such as stainless steel and Zamak, this cable manager answers the problem of how to attractively and functionally manage all the cables from the work surface to the floor. The height is adjustable and will work on sit/stand work surfaces. (847) 439-6770,

Northwest Hardwoods

Booth 5052

Northwest Hardwoods provides hardwood lumber to the furniture, cabinet and millwork industries including alder, hard and soft maple, cherry, red and white oak, hickory, ash, walnut, and yellow poplar. Northwest Hardwoods hand-picks its hardwood lumber products. Each of the company’s wood graders goes through rigorous training to meet stringent standards,Northwest says. (866) 870-3040,

Biesse America

Booth 6735, 6739

BiesseWorks Advanced 3.0, the latest-generation programming software from Biesse, is a fully parametric part programming system. It combines elevated performance with ease of use, making it a suitable solution ensuring efficient supply material use for those transitioning to CNC technology, as well as for those with programming experience. BiesseWorks is organized into levels, presenting a familiar, Windows-based interface to less experienced users, while allowing expert users to access sophisticated functions. An open architecture makes it possible to manage several machines from a single programming station, and integrate third-party software. (704) 357-3131,

Arkansas Wood Doors

Arkansas Wood Doors introduces Stonehenge Cabinets. The ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets are available in both frameless and face frame styling using the same cabinet box. Cabinets are available in melamine or plywood in traditional sizes and custom sizes. To compliment Stonehenge Cabinets, customers can select from the full selection of wood and RTF style doors offered by Arkansas Wood Doors in any wood species, finished or without finish. (479) 968-5486,

States Industries

Booth 2507

ApplePly from States Industries is a premium-quality veneer core panel constructed from uniform laminations of solid grade 1/16-in. birch. This solid hardwood core is designed to produce a strong, lightweight panel with a minimum number of voids and a naturally attractive edge. These panels contain no-added-urea-formaldehyde and are available FSC Certified. (800) 626-1981,

3A Composites Veneers

Booth 3015

3A Composites USA, manufacturer of synthetic veneers, offers three unique product lines for the furniture and display fixture markets:

Gator-Ply rigid and flexible backers are specialty engineered man-made wood-fiber veneers.

Luxcell facers are specialty engineered man-made wood-fiber veneers that are used for painting and printing applications.

Syn-Ply, the synthetic crossband, is a specialty engineered man-made wood-fiber veneer used in five-ply panel construction. (877) 424-9860,

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