Bit technology continues to evolve as changes in composition and geometry of these cutting tools keep pace with developments in substrates, new application requirements and the continual need for faster-paced production in the plant. Following are a few samples of the types of router bits that are available. Visit for more manufacturers and suppliers.

The XP Series of routing tools from Vortex Tool Co. is designed to give woodworking professionals precise cutting performance and long useful life. The series design features a compression on the bit that clears the waste while performing the desired cut. The XP Series is available in a range of tool sizes. (800) 355-7708,

Centurion Tools introduces the Downshear Router Bit, a cutter that is designed to push down on the material being cut. This design helps to keep the part from being pulled away from the table surface. The Downshear Router bit is available in standard plunge end or FEM. The FEM end is designed to give users optimum finish when working open areas. The standard plunge end is a good choice for cutting out slots or holes and side work, says the company. The Downshear Router Bit is available in a range of sizes. All cutters from are manufactured from American-made materials and made in the USA. (540) 967-5402,

Misenheimer offers carbide bits in stock and custom configurations and featuring tight tolerances. The company says it has a broad product offering, with large stocking quantities and quick turnaround available. (888) 587-0060,

Amana Tool offers a line of industrial-quality router bits for a wide spectrum of projects, suitable for woodworking operations of any size and complexity. Amana says all of its products use high-quality European steel and sub-micro-grain carbide sharpened to a fine edge; the design is intended to deliver high-quality finishes and a high degree of cutting performance. (800) 445-0077,

Nap Gladu offers a wide range of carbide and diamond cutting tools through its online store, including router bits, saw blades, dado sets, and more. (800) 457-7468,

Guhdo USA introduces special design PCD router bits to machine abrasive materials at higher feed rates such as phenolic, Trespa, solid surface, thermophastics, S-glass, E-glass, multiplex, OSB, melamine, veneered particleboard, HPL and more. These router bits have high density tool bodies, low cutting force and can be used at a feed rate of up to 90 fpm. They can also be sharpened numerous times, making them a very cost-effective solution. (800) 544-8436,

LMT Onsrud introduces balanced single flute spiral cutting tools to run at RPMs as high as 60,000. The company says it has developed a method to balance single flute spiral tools by engineering design and a specialized manufacturing process in response to market demand. The balanced single flute spiral cutting tool is part of their standard product line of upcut an downcut spiral “O” flutes for soft plastics, hard plastics and acrylics. (800) 234-1560,

As a manufacturer and distributor of router tooling and accessories, Charles G. G. Schmidt & Co. keeps a large selection of standard tooling In stock. Standard solid carbide spirals, diamond tipped router bits, insert style bits for particular applications, tool holders and collets to name a few. Custom cutters and brazed tools are also manufactured to precision tolerances to customer specifications. (800) 724-6438,

Leuco offers a variety of bits, including PCD through-hole bits. Features include special cutting edge geometry with roof-shaped top and double chamfer and chip-free whole edges. They are for use in boring, CNC maching and drilling in a variety of materials. (800) 433-1630,

Leitz says its new generation of spiral cutters combines the feateures of roughing and finishg router cutters in one tool. The new design of chip breakers and cutting-edge coating enables the spiral cutters to consume less power compared to other roughing cutters, Leitz claims. (800) 253-6070,

Saber Diamond manufacturers a wide variety of diamond cutting tools for the woodworkign industry. The company says it has computerized tracking of each tool oarder and can offer cutomers custom tooling, as well as off-the-shelf standards. (888) 240-4324,

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Dust Collection Options for Router Bits

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