Running a nested-based CNC is more about programming than woodworking. The idea that these routers are put through their paces by sophisticated design software and CNC operation programs is widely understood. But this also acts as a barrier for many shops that have avoided adopting the technology.

Thermwood believes this is because users must also master several involved technologies using both design software and CNC operating programs.

“Cabinet shops that traditionally depended on woodworking skill and experience now must also develop programming and technical skills,” says Thermwood.

Thermwood says its new Cut Center technology, unveiled June 1, takes a totally new approach to making custom cabinets, closets, furniture and related items with no programming required. A “Cut Center”, this new class of machine takes a totally different approach than traditional nested based CNC routers. Instead of the programmer generating CNC programs to tell the machine what to do, “Cut Centers” just make products without user involvement in the underlying technology.

They come completely set up, fully tooled and ready to run. More importantly, unlike CNC routers which only execute CNC programs, cut centers actually know how to make cabinets, furniture, closets, doors, drawers, moldings and shapes.

The simple selection process only requires that users to pick out a piece in the machine’s database. Designed around simplicity, the Cut Center requires very little training for operation. The machine’s memory also includes most products that comprise the core business of custom cabinet shops.

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