Japanese Saws: A Trendy Tradition

Most Commented: Japanese Saws, Hiring Veterans & AdvertisingJapanese saws cut on the pull stroke, awkward for Western woodworkers, but allowing for a thinner gauge blade, and finer kerf, says bloggist Matt D’Anca. Once you get a handle on it, it’s a really useful tool.

The blog about Japanese saws was well written and informative. As I already own a Suzuki and am always impressed with the cut it makes, I enjoyed learning about the other types of saws. Thanks for the article.
Robert H. Smith, USA

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Ecovet Furniture Built from Reclaimed Sam's Club Trailer Beds

Just watched the EcoVet video about a veterans furniture building company and we are interested in hiring a veteran. How do we go about it? Is there a website with job postings or a number I can call? 
Chris Valenti, CK Valenti Designs, Phoenix

Most Commented: Japanese Saws, Hiring Veterans & Advertising Answer: Here are three veteran hiring groups: hireheroesusa.org; U.S. Department of Labor’s site dol.gov/vets; and americanheroesatwork.gov. – B.E.

Branching Out in the Online Community

I read Woodworking Network daily and truly enjoy the variety of stories, articles and blogs. Often they translate into leads for our company, and we use the information to keep up with the goings on in the woodworking community. Recently we were mentioned in a story on the site for an award that we received at the Annual Sherwin Williams Vendor Trade Show in Nashville. We were very excited to read this and also very appreciative!

A year ago we became a vendor to Woodcraft Supply and our touch-up products are stocked in all of their 75+ retail locations in the U.S. We work with a ton of woodworkers, both amateurs and professionals, but I still do not believe that a lot of them know Woodcraft has our products. Outside of paid advertising, are there any other avenues that you could work with us on to make the availability of these products at Woodcraft better known?   
Aaron Kurczi, Touch Up Solutions, Maiden, NC

Answer: Write a press release describing your product and send it to woodworking publications like ours. We will post it and link back to your listing. Don’t  dismiss advertising, Aaron – you can do it amazingly inexpensively online. Companies who get lost with a big distributor can market themselves, then link to the distributor’s page where they are located. And social media marketing programs are a really good value.  – B.E.

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