Hand Veneer Prepping

A question on how J Alexander Fine Woodworking’s Jared Patchin prepared to lay down a peel-and-stick maple veneer, spraying two coats of lacquer, cutting backing sheets with a razor to ease removal. Jared answers Roger's question below.

I have not used large sheets of peel and stick veneer. Is spraying down lacquer to give a nice smooth surface for the glue on the veneer to attach to considered a good procedure for a long-term bond? Do you use just a regular nitrocellulose lacquer or do you use the pre-cats and post-cats?

Roger Muller, Indianapolis

Roger, Everything I have read about PSA veneer recommends a sealed surface. We would apply two coats of pre-cat lacquer, sand the surface, wipe off with a tack cloth, and then apply the veneer. This project was built about 4 years ago, and since then we have upgraded our veneering process to include vacuum bags and pumps. I think it is time for a new blog entry discussing the finer points of veneering using vacuum bags.  - Jared

Bloggist Freckle-Face Girl’s do-it-yourself laminate flooring (builders paper stained with Minwax and glued down, then polyurethaned) drew comments.

I saw a floor done in a similar manner in the basement of a home we made cabinets for. They crumpled Kraft paper first then glued it to the floor. Next she used a black Magic Marker and outlined random shapes that looked like stone. I don’t know what finish was applied over it but it looked exactly like a stone floor when it was completed.

Curt Weatherholt, Tecumseh, MO

Fun? Yes. Good technique? Don’t think so. Her technique is to saturate the paper with a water based glue, then glue it down with the same diluted glue. Then she works on a coat of oil based stain. Her next comment “It will not dry, it will remain slightly tacky until you seal it.” She seals it with more water based product. No way that is going to last.

Rich, Peoria

Twitter Inquiry @WoodworkingBiz from KillasheeInvestments: We have a large quantity of reclaimed pine wood structural beams from an old warehouse #forsale in North Florida!

Two contacts: Here are two resources that could be interested: Authentic Pine Floors, Locust Grove, GA; and New Energy Works, in Farmington, NY.



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