Whether in the kitchen, bathroom or living room, European-style cabinetry remains in high demand. An important aspect of achieving that look is applying a high-gloss surface, which delivers the sleek style and feel so prevalent in today’s modern furniture design.

Rehau’s LaserEdge, introduced several years ago and used in laser and hot air edgebanding applications, is a product that aids in the creation of a seamless look much desired in modern design.

The company has now launched a new innovation to further its reach in that market with its high-gloss product – Rauvisio Brilliant that also integrates Rehau’s LaserEdge banding line for a glueless, zero-joint, glossy appearance.

According to Justin DeMarco, Rehau marketing manager, furniture, Rauvisio high-gloss surfaces have a color-matched PMMA top layer that enhances color vibrancy and UV resistance also adding depth. The PMMA top layer allows the surface to hold the color over time and not yellow, he says.

It is most suitable in kitchens, hotel lobbies, restaurants or retail store fixtures applications.

“High gloss is a trend that seems to be sticking around,” DeMarco notes, “and one thing that sets us apart is that we have everything, including laminate, pressed board and edgeband in inventory from stock and supplied by Rehau.”

Surface Colors

Rauvisio is available in a variety of colors: Blanco, Meringa, Magnolia, Plucino, Prugna, Vino, Moro, Cubanite, Gabbiano and Bigio, all with matching edgebands (23 x 1.3mm).

The high-gloss laminates and balancing sheets come in 4 x 9 ft. x 0.8mm (2,800 x 1,300 x 0.8mm) dimensions in vertical-grade, non-PVC material.

For its pressed boards, high-gloss laminate is applied to MDF substrate in lengths of 4 ft. x 9 ft. x16 or 18mm (2,800 x 1,300 x 16 or 18mm).

Also within the Rauvisio line is Rauvisio Crystal, which compensates for the disadvantages of real glass, the company says, combining its advantages with the positive polymer properties of thermoplastic laminate.

With glass and other mixed media widely used in furniture design, the introduction of this product gives interior designers a variety of options.

The combination of surface and edgeband creates a unique glass effect in the Rauvisio Crystal line.

With the laser-compatible Visions Duo-Design edgeband, and Rauvisio crystal surface, the glass edgeband is matched to the surface and balancing sheet both at a functional and visual level.

The Rauvisio Crystal laminated boards are 2800 x 1300 x 19mm. Features include: maximum flexibility in processing, light weight, colorfast and UV-resistant, non-porous, hygienic surface, UV and heat resistant, shock-resistant, impact-resistant, scratch-resistant against domestic wear and tear, chemical resistant, environmentally friendly, and easy to clean.

Design Show Opportunities

According to DeMarco, Rehau introduced its Rauvisio Brilliant at the 2014 American Institute of Architects National Convention, held in Chicago, June 26-28, to illustrate to designers the variety of options available for achieving the highly demanded high-gloss modern  European style. Rehau.com

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