Casework That's Forward Never Straight
August 8, 2012 | 1:18 pm CDT

If you’re looking for conventional elegance, don’t commission Straight Line Design’s Judson Beaumont to design your furniture. The Vancouver, BC-based furniture designer and fabricator is as ironic as he is iconic.

How else does one explain how the veteran woodworker, whose clientele includes Disney, Princeton University and Vancouver International Airport — let alone many private clients he can’t name — is able to crank out creative works that explode, melt and rarely pass a police DUI test.

The Apple Cabinet shown here is one of Beaumont’s most recent works. He said it was inspired by a previous piece he designed called the Beaver Cabinet. “It looks like its center was gnawed at by our Canadian friend,” Beaumont says. “This sparked thoughts as to what else is bitten in the middle.”

The Apple Cabinet is constructed of maple veneered plywood “for the actual cabinet and for the bitten area,” plus a two-part expanded foam, carved and a fiber glass with a matte white paint on top.

Catch Beaumont’s keynote presentation at Wood Tech Summit, October 22-23 in Vancouver, BC. Wood Tech Summit is comprised of three full-day conference programs: Wood Finishing, Production Efficiencies, and Growing a Wood Products Business.

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