Built for “precision above all else” is how Festool describes its CMS System, a router table and accessories selection that fit its OF 1400 and OF 1010 routers. But watching it in use and checking out its compatible add-ons, it’s more like a Swiss Army Knife of router tables. It also eliminates cobbling together a work area at an installation jobsite, providing a consistent, stable alternative. Resolving this headache was certainly behind the thinking in creating the CMS.

The portable CMS GE folds down for carry-in, legs snap out and secure in place with big-handled turnbuckles.

Festool says the standalone CMS-GE is rugged and durable enough to perform on a jobsite, and sturdy enough to perform dutifully as any stationary workshop equipment. The fact that you can use the identical setup in the shop or at an install means you don’t have to rethink your router work practices for differing locations. You can carry on as you are used to right in your customer’s kitchen.

Working onsite with it at a client’s location, it’s nice to have meaningful dust control. Among CMS features is a port to attach dust control hoses for capturing and containing chips and debris at the point of cut. If your vacuum system is good enough it means you won’t be relegated to the client’s driveway while routing.

Another version of the Festool’s router table system is the CMS-VL, which attaches to the Festool MFT/3 Multifunction Table, turning it into a large, stable work surface integrated to the portable routers.

Available for either is the CMS sliding table, which glides forward and backward for precision movement. A compatible miter gauge offers control for repetitive applications, especially for end-grain routing. Its fences feature independent precision micro adjustments. For the CMS-GE, an extension table is available as well.

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