Usually this space shows wood turned into something. Now wood turns to an app developed by the Hardwood Manufacturers Association. The Pittsburgh-based trade group created iPhone and Android apps promoting 22 North American wood species, with grain and coloration swatches.

The app dovetails nicely with a campaign launched to promote demand for U.S. hardwoods last summer by a consortium of hardwood lumber, panel and component producers and sellers. The efforts rest on a Harris Interactive survey of consumer and professional perceptions of hardwood lumber: more than 90 percent of consumers and professionals like hardwood for furniture, flooring, cabinets or building materials, and they see it as durable and classic in style — including consumers aged 45 and under.

The related, relaunched last fall, features inspiration and technical specs, with design galleries aimed at consumers, designers, architects, builders and custom wood and architectural millwork firms. (White River Hardwood’s hearth surround, on the cover, featueres embellished American hardwood mouldings and hand carved architectural woodcarvings.)

Since the relaunch, the site has gained visitors, says Linda Jovanovich, executive vice president. “I watch the stats and see visits spike,” she says. Also helping: LEED trends, and the “Buy American” movement. “We’re lucking out with the fact that Americans are proud to buy American. It is working,” says Jovanovich. As to LEED, she quotes a LEED approved architect: “If you are concerned about the environment, put a bike rack in front of the building and specify American hardwood.

One of the best aspects of the site is the gallery, which shows hardwood put to spectacular use, and beautifully photographed. The categories include flooring, cabinetry, furniture and woodwork. Samples are attributed to great photographers, production cabinets and flooring manufacturers as well as home interior designers.


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