Technology start-up 4 AXYZ has posted an investment solicitation for $1 million at website, part of an ongoing effort to produce furniture and other products from solid wood, without cutting machinery.

Instead, it would use an approach that shares some aspects in common with 3D printing, a proprietary “additive manufacturing,” says 4 AXYZ cofounder Abir Shah, who is engineering the technology.

“The key to our process is respecting the material,” Shah told 3Dprinting. com, a tech website. “We are not tampering with the properties of real wood by making it into a powder or into fibres. We have two steps that we have perfected and created intellectual property around them.”

The first step, Shah says, makes the wood ready for layering without changing its look, feel, or its strength.

“Then comes our digital delivery process which installs pre-formed layers in the precise dimension, shape and location where they are needed. So instead of conventionally delivering paste-like material and allowing layers to be formed, we are doing all the work to make the layer first and then delivering it in place.”

4 AXYZ says it already has $1 million in investment pledged to the development of 4 AXYZ 3D wood machine. The campaign to raise an added $1 million ends June 22. At press time $4,800 was committed.

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