KP Mfg.
Calgary, Canada

Custom manufacturer
Commercial/Institutional Furniture
Project: Boardroom Table
Materials: Premium cherry veneer.
Project Notes: Some of these parts include interlocking sub plates, radiused wall ribbing, and templates used for manufacturing the 30-piece table top by hand. This ensured a snug fit on all of the joints. The piece is 28 feet long and 11 feet wide at its outer extremities, and the table consumed a 15-inch diameter log of premium cherry veneer.

Honorable Mentions


Click Divine
Palatine, IL

Category: Commercial/Institutional
Specialty: Decorative veneered furniture
Project: Reception Table
Project Notes: A trompe-l’oeil version of Demand Solutions magazine on a reception area table that has 177 pieces of veneer using 26 different types of woods.

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