ST. CATHERINES, Ont. - Make It Metal says its finishing application uses metal veneer coating, which can be applied to a variety of surfaces - including wood - to create the look, texture, and feel, of real metal.
The St. Catherines, Ontario firm licenses the technology to wood manufacturing companies in North America, which uses real metal rather than powder coating to create a surface that is waxable and also waterproof.
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Make It Metal describes it as "a unique product, a closely-guarded secret throughout its production and developed in-house by our founder. It allows you the choice of veneer coatings from dozens of pure metals and alloys. You can then select a different texture and color; crafting a stunning finished product that is unique to your location or project."

Use of metal coatings rather than laminating metal sheets or foils, allows for more flexible design capabilities, the company says, and is more cost-effective and environmentally responsible than traditional sheet metal, metal laminates, plating, or casting. The metal coating can be applied on both interior and exterior surfaces to for a luxurious metal finish.
Make It Metal distributes its product to manufacturing and finishing companies to apply it in-house.
Training and education are also provided in the company's fully-equipped manufacturing and training facility.

The company says its liquid metal can be applied to almost any surface with precision. These surfaces are treated as solid metal and therefore allow for endless finishing effects.

Metal veneer coatings are cost effective when compared to traditional solid noble metal, says Make It Metal. 
These metal coatings are durable enough to be used for interior as well as exterior projects. They are waterproof and can be sealed with hard wax oil, lacquer, or clear coat. Make It Metal can be used to make flooring durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic or decorative pieces to be placed outside any building. The company says there is no size restriction for its coatings.
Make It Metal is among more than 170 exhibitors at the 2017 Woodworking Machinery & Supply Expo, running November 2-4 at Toronto's International Centre. For more information visit 

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