Door manufacturer Caron is offering  offering easy entry to the 2015 Wood Machinery & Supply Expo, Nov. 5-7 at Toronto's International Centre. They are in Booth #1440. A video explains Caron's manufacturing operations and its approach to business:

At CARON, we know that nothing highlights more quality cabinetry than beautifully crafted doors. This is why our complete selection is backed with our quality system registered under ISO 9001:2008, a world renowned standard. Each genuine component having the «Caron Signature» on the back to confirm it complies with standards.

Caron's genuine cabinet and furniture doors feature the finest and most durable components. Decades of development provide you with a complete selection of designs, options and attractive finish colors, but that's not all. Visualize nature's endless possibilities with our innovative wood selection. You can now choose from either classics such as maple, walnut, quarter sawn white oak or Caron's exclusive green series / recovered wood types or the striking exotic beauty of teak, padouk, etc.

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