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Do you work with a real standout?

Help us find the individuals in the next generation of people who are destined to make an impact on the wood products manufacturing industry in North America. We are seeking disruptors, innovators, rebels, those who have broken the rules or worked out of the box to make our industry - or the world - a better place. (Maybe it’s you!) This could be someone who’s come up with a killer idea, a project, product, and process, perhaps even incubated a business. 

Candidates will be selected by Woodworking Network’s editorial team. Once you submit a nomination, we’ll contact the candidate and let them know they’ve been nominated, answer any questions they may have, and fill in any additional information required. Candidates must be involved in the wood manufacturing industry, and be 39 or under in 2018.
Candidates stand out for accomplishments in these categories: Productivity, Profitability, Social Good (locally, or globally), Ingenuity, Innovation, Peer Inspiration, Product Development, Organizational Leadership, Something we missed?