Cashew Dunkel. Peanut Pilsner, Almond Ale. 
These are some of the fictional beer options at woodworker Duke Harmon's "Nutty Bar" - a bar made specifically for the squirrels in his backyard. Check it out in the video above.
Harmon used the portable X-Carve CNC to build.
"Building a squirrel bar is traditionally done looking like a box. I wanted to do something different," he says on his YouTube channel. "I took on the challenge to design this and carve all my pieces needed using the x-carve by inventables. V-carve was the program I designed it in. I cleaned up the pieces using a round over router bit and sand paper. Other than that, everything was done with the X-Carve."
Made by digital fabrication firm Inventables, the X-Carve comes at a base price of $799. It runs on Inventables' web-based Easel software, which has been hailed in reviews as intuitive and easy to learn.
Harmon is still new to YouTube, uploading his first video just a month ago. He seems to be on great pace.

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