A podcast for cabinetmakers: "I fired myself as the owner"
October 17, 2019 | 4:51 pm UTC

The Cabinetmaker Profit System podcast is for architectural woodworkers, joiners, and of course, cabinetmakers. We recommend checking it out.

This episode, podcast host and professional business coach Dominic Rubino speaks with Jeff Finney, founder of Ultimate Cabinet Components and 2018 40 Under 40 honoree. In the episode, Finney tells Rubino how he was holding his business back by constantly being on the shop floor, and how he always using the edgebander and table saw because he thought none of his employees could do it.

"The primary reason that so many of us get stuck being a slave to our shops is that we don’t know how to fire ourselves. We don’t know how to start delegating the activities that we don’t personally have to be doing," Finney says. You know what those activities are - running the saw, making sales, doing the accounting. We know that we need to fire ourselves from these things, but the “how” is a little tougher. Check out Finney's article "Why you're a slave to your cabinet shop" here.

Rubino is a professional business coach focused on wood product companies. He has nearly 70 videos on his YouTube channel - most of which are interviews with successful cabinetmakers. Specific topics include winning commercial bids, talking about drugs in the workplace with your employees, finding good employees, and marketing tips when selling to homeowners.

Learn more about him here.

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