DAYTON, Ohio - Internationally recognized American hardwood consultant and speaker Crisswell Davis gave an independently-organized TEDx Talk in Dayton, Ohio last October.
In the talk, Davis voices his strong support for building and designing with hardwoods - saying they bring out the symbiotic relationship human beings have with trees, which he says improves wellbeing. 
"When we surround ourselves with nature, our autonomic nervous systems simply relax," he says. "And with this relaxation comes improved health. I contend that the importance of this comes to bear in our interior spaces or our built environments, where we spend 90 percent of our time."
Citing data, Davis also explains how building with hardwoods is good for the environment.
Davis is the founder of the Timber and Forestry Foundation, and also advises some of the largest architecture and design firms in the world about using sustainable hardwoods in design. He is a strong advocate for hardwoods, believing them to be great for the health of people and the planet.

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